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CCA Sea-Tac Chapter Meeting

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The Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), Sea-Tac Chapter will meet Tuesday, 7:00 PM, Jan 15th 2008, at the Des Monies Masonic Temple, 2208 S 223rd St, Des Monies, WA. You may join at the meeting.

Foster Fishing's Future, come, join, participate.
Call Frank Eshpeter206-755-8409 for further information.

See Ya There
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is this the closest to me ?(SE Tacoma)
Hey Nightcrawler... ya probably for now... there is a chapter in Centralia...

Here is a link to all the state chapters for now...

I work nights mon-fri so i can't make it. I would love to go to a meeting though.
So what happen at this CCA meeting??

Did you all do the secret hand shake again :lol:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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