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Please don't simply join, but get involved. The $25 membership does nothing to make much difference. Most of that goes to covering costs at corporate, the magazine, and the stickers and other foo foo stuff. If you want CCA to succeed, you must be willing to give your time and/or money to "The Cause." The strength in numbers theory is good, but if that were all it took more accomplishments would have been realized by groups that have tried and failed in the past. To make the most of it, it takes TIME and MONEY, and LOTS of both.

Also... for what it's worth, there are other organizations who have been fighting and making accomplishments in the PNW for years. They're not as well known by the average angler because most of their participation and funding comes from businesses supported by "Fishing" dollars, rather than individual sportsmen. I belong to, and support, such a group... NSIA. One of thier biggest wins in recent years was their participation in getting the mandate for increased spill over Bonneville Dam 3 years-ago, when this years springer smolt were out-migrating. That increased spill is arguably the biggest reason for this years expected record-setting springer return to the Columbia, and I can't wait to get-after them!

My main point is that we all need to get involved. Do some homework, make sure "your" groups' direction and focus reflect what you feel are the priorities. Know where the money is going and how it's spent. Please don't blindly follow. I'm not saying any group is bad, or that any group is better than any other... they all draw from different participaton bases, and the more folks involved and donating to the rehabilitation to our fisheries, the better. There is no reason that our PNW fisheries shouldn't be WORLD CLASS destinations, like some of the Canadian and Alaskan fisheries. How cool would it be to hear someone tell you how lucky "We" are to live in such close proximity to such phenominal fishing?

(Stepping off the soap box now...)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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