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Fishing Report Carbon River

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Rick Holland, Sep 10, 1999.

  1. Stilts

    Stilts Guest

    Fished the sewage treatment hole for a couple hours last night. When I got there at 5:45, there was no one there. Hmmm. People started showing up around 6:15 and was spread out so no problems. As soon as I hooked and landed my first fish all these bozos ran up and squeezed in. Lost my spot while I was marking my fish. Very rude and unethical. I asked the guy why he jumped in and took my spot with no reply. Oh we'll. I hooked 4 more fish to his big fat zero. Lost a pretty nice coho at the bank. Took home a couple hens for the smoker and eggs to cure up for kings in a couple weeks down south.
  2. certifiedPRO

    certifiedPRO Guest

    hooked plenty of annoying pinks. i hate pink years, i mean the first couple days are fun then it gets boring, couple dudes next to me a little down stream hooked 2 nice kings, one turning golden color, still very nice smokers. next few days the silvers should be up in there pretty hot. fish on!
  3. cam

    cam Guest

    A bit late on my post, I fished Carbon River on Sunday. Caught a ton of pinks! Landed 7, lost well over 10, with all but one caught in the mouth - orange corky, pink yarn. Nice change of pace from the Puyallup - smaller river, cleaner (at least where I was), and had to change up approach just about due to size of river. <P><font size=1>Edited by Easy Limits on 9/12/2013.</font>
  4. Today was a good day landed at least 60 fish was crazy all day.just stinky pinks But didnt see any kings or silver lander all day
  5. Went fishing in the PM on Thursday. Lots of zombie salmon swimming down river. Still a few bright ones here and there, but the season is definately near the end for the pink run. Saw a nice silver putting on a show down river. Other than that, not too much going on. Silver run should hopefully be picking up soon. Hooked up to 1 bright hen, pink, and that was it in 3 hours.
  6. Fisher

    Fisher Guest

    Was down there around 11A.M, until around 2 and no one was catching anything so we just went home.
  7. cohoslay

    cohoslay Guest

    landed about a 9 pound chrome hen. i dunno about 20lbs coho but theres some nice fish. u just gottah find em.
  8. sst.

    sst. Guest

    went down to carbon brought my lami 8 6 and tryed corkies and yarn hooked and landed a nasty humpy switched to my float rod a 10 6 and put on sum eggs i brined from some pinks first cast bobber down fought and landed a semi bright 15lb king .sucks hawks lost but king made up 4 it.
  9. Phil Jarvis

    Phil Jarvis Guest

    Went down to the river yesterday with a buddy of mine his daughter nd little brother I got 2silver's nd at least 3 pinks. Thru the pinks back. My buddy made out with a pink and a silver. Lost his other tho tryna show it off! All in all a good day! Tight lines!
  10. usoANGLER

    usoANGLER Guest

    hit the carbon and was there from 10am to 2pm. water level is lower than last week. I drifting corky and yarn landed a 8 pound coho. my buddy landed a couple pinkys and a jack, he also hooked a pretty good sized coho but lost it to a snag. changed from cannonball weights to tubed for less snags and worked out good. other than that it was an all right day. FISH ON!
  11. Gandhi57

    Gandhi57 Guest

    Fished the Carbon 3/4 mile below Voghts Creek 7:00- 10:00 on the rocks. Only fish I saw were Dark Red, smokers, and few caught while I was there. A few dying pinks being snagged.
  12. bobber down

    bobber down Guest

    Went down to the cabon after work about a mile in from thhe skate park and got one nice silver using bobber and eggs an about 12 pinks gunna go again tonight
  13. WAfishermen

    WAfishermen Guest

    Went to check out carbon water clear didnt see any fish but seen a guy with a dark silver that was about it.
  14. Illdoitagain

    Illdoitagain Guest

    Fished in Orting. Pulled two dark silvers from the same hole using eggs under a float. All the silvers I've seen in the last two weeks have been dark.
  15. jeremie

    jeremie Guest

    hit the river one last time befor she closes and 4 bright silvers pulled out of the hole i was at one was my dime chrome hen silver and on the walk out i seen 4 other silvers on the bank great way to finish the carbon for the year
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