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Fishing Report Carbon River

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Rick Holland, Sep 10, 1999.

  1. Rusty hook

    Rusty hook Guest

    fishing is hot landed 8 took 2 home red corky pink yarn 5 foot leader nice river try it
  2. Fished itt late affternoon no one was catcching anything a bite maybe every hour not worth the long walk to the river
  3. s.s.t.

    s.s.t. Guest

    went down to carbon walked to voight creek 3 cast 8 lb Cromer. well dude netted it for me thanks dude. be back s.s.t 10/6
  4. Rusty hook

    Rusty hook Guest

    hit the SPOT at noon landed 4 took my 2 home back at truck at 2 river up went red jig and float good day
  5. Dar

    Dar Guest

    Fished Carbon for 3 hours today saw 6 fish landed none for me. All small 3-4 Lbs. caught with floating eggs or spinners.
  6. Dar

    Dar Guest

    Arrived about 10AM. Met a guy in the parking lot had already limited with 4 fish. Fished for 5 hours with no luck saw 3 other fish caught on eggs and spinners. My turn tomorrow.
  7. Rusty hook

    Rusty hook Guest

    got to the spot at 3pm at 4:26 i was on my way out with 2 nice silvers about 5lbs hit them with a # 6 mepps spinner good stuff
  8. Stilts

    Stilts Guest

    Hit my favorite hole last night after work. Surprised to not see anyone anywhere. 3rd cast bobber down. Lost it. Fished for about 20 more minutes and bobber went down hard. Set the hook and ended up getting a dark king that had a long leader hanging out of her mouth. It must have broke someone off and my jig got tangled around the leader! I released her. 5 casts later, bobber goes down again and this time got a slightly blushed cheek buck coho around 10 lbs. got another takedown half hour later and beached another coho around 5 lbs. chromer. A hen this time. Good 90 minutes of fishing.
  9. Dar

    Dar Guest

    only saw 2 fish caught but heard about 3 others one 8-10 lbs.others small 2-3 lbs.mostly on spinners. Also heard of a 18lb. silver caught puyallup this week. Still waiting for my luck to turn.
  10. sst

    sst Guest

    went down to voight
    creek water low crossed river couple other guys 3cast fish on another silver 6/7lbs good day better hit it river closes nov1 well sucsessfull day 10/6 sat.
  11. sst

    sst Guest

    went down to voight creek water low crossed river couple other guys fishing 3cast fish on another 6/7lber
  12. sst

    sst Guest

    went down to check out river for Halloween river blown out checked out voights creek fish rollen but you can't fish creek well hope river goes down or seasons over for silvers. many few chum but catch and release check out Kennedy creeck soon well good luck boys. sst
  13. Beau

    Beau Guest

    Lots of pinks in the carbon seen one big king
  14. tacfisher

    tacfisher Guest

    took a friend who has just started fishing rivers down this morning along with my son. it was a slow start but we got going. for about three hours one or more of us couldn't keep them off our hooks. son and I went to see if we could get something big wound up taking home a couple hatchery coho and a nice king. our friend took home a couple smoker pinks. put in the time and be patient. don't forget to get your parking permit from the nice folks at Big Js in orting or you may get a fine or a tow.
  15. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Guest

    lots of green pinks if you don't mind. Other than that spotted a few kings rolling.
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