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Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Rick Holland, Sep 10, 1999.

  1. Rick Holland

    Rick Holland Guest

    9/11 Didn't get on the river until about 9:00am. Water still real milky, but saw some fish being taken. A couple pushing upper 20's, mostly 10-15 lbs.
    9/12 Got out a little earlier this a.m. Didn't see as many fish get caught today, but still a fair number were landed.
    9/13 Finally got out on the river as early as I had been trying to for the last two days. Was on the river fishing by 5:15am. Landed a small silver about 6a.m.(bout 4lbs.). Saw one other silver caught about 30 minutes later and that was about it. Really, really slow all day.
  2. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    The Carbon is hot right now for Kings. I went out near the hatchery yesterday and caught 2 over 20 lbs. Corky and yarn seems best.
  3. Bud Goodman

    Bud Goodman Guest

    Oct. 2- 3 -4 -5- Fishing on the carbon and the Puyallup rivers has not been very good. The rain should clear the water soon and the silvers will be running. The kings are pretty dark and not much good this late in the year.
  4. Bryan

    Bryan Guest

    Got down to the carbon kinda late this morning, around 800, and found a spot in the crowd where a couple guys were leaving. Fished for about two hours and finally got one on. It immediatly ran upriver and stayed down. I fought it for about 15 minutes before it finally came up where I could see it and I could see it was a good fish. It came into the bank and a guy netted it for me. It was a nice fairly bright 23 pound hen. Great fishing if you don't mind the crowds!!
  5. Jake

    Jake Guest

    Got to the river about 6:30 am. Fished with a pink corkie and pink yarn with no results so I went to bright red. About 8:30 I landed a 5 or 6 pound silver hen. Maybe fifteen minutes later I hooked another, but did not land it. Saw a few silver and kings rolling, but with no more luck. I left around noon and plan to hit it again tomorrow.
  6. Fred

    Fred Guest

    I fished the Carbon today I hooked two silvers and one rotten king. I let the king and one silver go.
  7. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Fished the Carbon yesterday river was kinda high I got one silver on a spoon.
  8. Fred

    Fred Guest

    Fished Carbon yesterday for a few hours yesterday did not catch anything. I was fishing for steelhead
  9. Bill

    Bill Guest

    Has anyone been to the Carbon up by the hatchery lately? How does the water look and what does it look like for Salmon in the river? I have been fishing the Puyallup and the water has been murky and the fishing slow. Bill
  10. carlos

    carlos Guest

    was at the hatchery yesterday. about 400 fish in pond 1/2 kings 1/2 silvers according to the guy at the hatchery.had a silver jump out of the pond on to the gravel trail , this little boy said keep it,keep it. but i picked him up and put him back into the pond (the fish). the river looks pretty good. like it did last year. people were fishing for trout and catching salmon don't know what kind .
  11. Cessna

    Cessna Guest

    Does anyone know how they did on opening day???
  12. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I was there yesterday it was slow only caught three chrome bright silvers.
  13. Jay

    Jay Guest

    Fished below the creek with the hatchery. Lots of kigs were in the river and lots of people were catching them. Fish a couple of hours and finally got on on. Ended up being a nice 20lb. golden buck. It didn't matter what you used as long as it was bright and big.
  14. JP

    JP Guest

    In case anyone is interested, the blue gate access is closed this year. The reason the owner posted it, GARBAGE! You people that call yourselves fishermen and leave your crap laying on the bar have alot to learn. Due to your negligence the real fishermen that have enjoyed this access for years have to suffer also. If you see these CRACKERS littering don't be shy, tell them to pick it up. Remember how the saying goes; PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT.
  15. Jim

    Jim Guest

    I'm gonna be coming back up to fish the carbon and was wondering if anybody has been to the hatchery or seen any fish in there. And how the fishing is gonna be around the opener.If anyone has any idea email me or post a report.
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