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Carbody hole on Green River???

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Some may remember my rant about the destruction of the car body hole on the Green that I posted a while back. Tdown: :x :oops: By this time of the month in many years past, a good portion of the hatchery steelie run had been caught in this area. I have not been back since my visit of last fall and am wondering just how this stretch is producing? Anyone here been hitting it and getting fish or seeing fish???
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I have fished it about 6 times in the last 30 days and have not caught any Steelhead or seen any caught there. Did ok on Silvers and Chum all the structure along the bank that the fish used to lay behind is gone. The log jam down river from there has changed also there is a large sand/gravel bar in front of most of the log jam now and the the river has cut into the bank to the right side if you are looking down stream and the water rips through there now kind of a funnel effect used to be a good hole right there. I don't think the fish are laying in there like they did before. February will tell the story the natives used to lay in there pretty good C&Red 4 in one day 2 years ago.
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