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Fishing Report Bradley Pond

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Benjamin Price, Aug 1, 2000.

  1. 253Caster

    253Caster Guest

    Freshwater season is here! Caught a beautiful little rainbow fresh out of the hatchery around 3 pm. Didnt see any big fish though, tight lines
  2. fisher

    fisher Guest

    fishing derby today
  3. KyandAiden

    KyandAiden Guest

    Took my boys (8 and 6) to Bradley Lake for a few hours of fishing. The oldest caught 4 and the youngest caught 2. Seemed like everyone around us was catching fish. Didnt matter what you were using. We were bottom fishing with a 2 foot leader and green power eggs. Others were using worms on a bobber. Great day with the boys.
  4. Punkin

    Punkin Guest

    Fishing is slow for trout, but plenty of carp, blue gill, and small bass. still fun for the kids though.
  5. shutout

    shutout Guest

    was excited to get to the lake this morning, only to find it frozen over
  6. bigfish

    bigfish Guest

    its dead! theres nothing in there
  7. sme

    sme Guest

    Limited out every day i have gone.
  8. John

    John Guest

    5th cast, no bites so far. facing from west to east side of lake.
    live worms for bait.
  9. Larry

    Larry Guest

    No luck fishing for trout. Did not see anyone even get a bite the hour and a half I was there.
  10. Austin Bauer

    Austin Bauer Guest

    Went out at about 11 a.m. Started fishing off of the bottom with a 4 foot leader and green power bait. Caught many keepers very quickly. After about 2 hours I hooked into a 7 lb. trout. It fought like crazy but I landed it. Great fishing!
  11. Jack

    Jack Guest

    I wet to Bradley pond at 5.30 am I got there at 6.00 am and I was a but 1 foot out on sweat corn in the mideal down and I cute a coya carep
  12. James

    James Guest

    Was out for about two hours, lots of people at the park, few fishing.
    We got 7 RB about 90 mins. time, using Powerbait eggs, no real color preference to the fish, chartreuse, pink, orange all worked. Fish ranged from 9 - 14 inches. Remember this water closes to adults on the 15th and stays juvenile only until June 12th with a derby for the kids on May 17th.
    Take a kid fishing, keep those lines tight.
  13. James

    James Guest

    Back to the lake for Mom's day, we had trouble even getting to the water for dog mess everywhere, seems folks don't think the scoop rules pertain to them.
    Tried every trick I could think of, flies, worms, powerbait, gulp eggs, lake is already weeding up, and getting hard to fish. State says they dropped 1000 in on the 2nd, they sure weren't anywhere we could find. Saw noone else catching anything either.
  14. patricio

    patricio New Member

    Sep 29, 2012
    Caught on a jighead tipped w/powerbait. This carp was over 10 lbs. Hope the kids dont get pulled in at the derby.
  15. Kyle

    Kyle Guest

    Got to lake at 6:30. Wasn't even there 4 an hour and already limited out. Last one was 23 inches. Used only gold cast master 1/4 oz. Many big ones still in there.
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