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Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Douglas Tiedeman, Mar 25, 2001.

  1. Just watched the fisheries girl dump in 200 triploids about 14 inches, 20 to 24 ounces each. This was Monday march 26 at 10:30 am came back about 2pm tried power nuggets and marshmellows no luck. If you go there go past the Nazerene church to 74th st on Meyers road down the hill youll see the launch there. No combustion engines allowed. Lots of ducks to feed after your done fishing. Good place to take the kids.
  2. fish?

    fish? Guest

    Cute little lake but no fish larger than 3"!!!!!!!!
  3. slaying trout all hitten rooster tails and spinners the spots across lake from boat launch by thee lillys wow caught my limit and then some in less then 20 min<P><font size=1>Edited by Easy Limits on 3/27/2008.</font>
  4. salmonslayer

    salmonslayer Guest

    killed the trout with vibrax
  5. ace

    ace Guest

    randomly saw 2 huge koi so i tried but no luck.
    caught a large mouth but nothing bigger than my finger.
  6. just got stocked with 1050 the 50 are 1 pounders went and caught 2 at the boat launch lost one trying to put it on the stringer tons of little ones but no where to fish with the entire boat launch taken up 24 7 by bad fisher men mostly younger people the key is to have a boat or a float tube fishin is good towards the middle power bait or spinners
  7. Luke

    Luke Guest

    Was out for about three hrs caught small large mouth and a couple perch on hook and worm. And three sunfish on a crawdad ratler. All in all a good trip
  8. b.emmons

    b.emmons Guest

    never have much luck in this lake ,except for blue gill,pumpkinseed, and small fishing only,catch and release, never caught a trout yet in this lake????
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