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Discussion in 'Clallam County' started by All Rivers Guide Service, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. We did about 12 miles in the Bogachiel today and fishin' was, well, poor. We did one fish today for 1.5 rods. Humbled... <P><font size=1>Edited by Bruce on 3/27/2005.</font>
  2. rippinliptz

    rippinliptz Guest

    Well got out to the bogy what a long trip. But the good news is there are plenty of fish to be gotten, metalheads every where. our boat went 6 for 9. they were BRIGHT. all about 6 to 12 pounds. Great day. peace too not alot of others there. worth the trip. eggs under a bobber.
    Tight Lines and Screaming Reels
  3. Mike in Tac

    Mike in Tac Guest

    Fished the bank just above the confluence. Water was very clear, and we didn't find any fish. By the sounds of things at the boat ramp, the drifters may not have fared much better.
  4. me

    me Guest

    It's starting to get hot-hooked into a wild one by the confluence
  5. cast master

    cast master Guest

    Well got out to the bogy what a long trip. But the good news is there are PLENTY of fish to be gotten, metalheads every where. our group went 6 for 9. they were BRIGHT. all about 9 to 15 pounds. Great day and not alot of others there. worth the trip. corky and yarn or just yarn was the ticket.
  6. Terry S.

    Terry S. Guest

    was able to fish the hatchery after work this morn. water is on the drop. good vis. small corky laced with smelly jelly. went 3-5 in Steelys. biggest 11 lbs. not crowded at all. heading back to seattle reppin a smile.
  7. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished the bogy from Wilson to Leyendecker and hooked 4 caught 2 which were released. My 2 natives were hooked on a pink worm with a white jig head under a float. Landed a 12lb and hooked an 18lb and both bent my jig head hooks (Use strong, quality hooks!) Other 2 were on eggs and corky about 8lb and 12lb. Weather was not the best but the water was. Let my dad take a break from rowing and I got on the sticks just as soon as the wind and rain picks up. Good Luck!
  8. grampa joe

    grampa joe Guest

    I took my grandson to the hatchery. We got our lines wet at first light. We were using pink and white jigs. Not too crowded and for about 3 hours everyone had a fish on. My grandson finally landed his first steelhead. It was a decent 6 lbr and very bright. We both got our limit by noon. I counted over 40 fish easy on Saturday and about 25 today. The Bogi is hot hot hot.
  9. Arrived at the hatchery about a half hour before dawn and the place was already crowded. I fished it from 7 - noon. Only saw 5 steelhead for about 40 people. I got one 6lb factory buck for my travels, bright as can be. Caught him with a 4" pink worm.
  10. Blake

    Blake Guest

    fished the bogachiel and calawah saturday and sunday with my dad. Got out around 10:30 saturday, and decided to fish the calawah due to the crowd on the bogachiel . hiked to the confluence between the bogachiel and the calawah, first cast my dad got a chrome bright 5 pound buck (hatchery fish) on a size 4 pink blue fox. First steelhead he has ever caught.. On sunday fished the bogachiel from 8:00 to 2:00 both me and my dad used just about everything we had. corky‘s and yarn, pink worms, corky‘s and eggs, floats and jigs, and a blue fox, with no luck. Very slow only 4 people had fish from what i saw.
  11. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Fished around wilsons in our drift boat yesterday from 9am to 3pm and hooked a native steelhead smolt and a large cuttroat on a nightmare jig tipped w/ sand shrimp but no steelhead. One guide was done at about 9 or 10am with 9 fish! Everbody that I saw combined had a total of at least 17 to 20 fish drifting from hatchery to wilsons. River was super clear and low. Fish are in just have to be there early in the morning. Good Luck!
  12. Blake

    Blake Guest

    Fished the bogachiel by the hatchery with a friend today and yesterday. On saturday fished from 10:30 to 3:00 using floats and jigs with no luck . Today after 9 hours of fishing using everything we had, i finally got my first steelhead on a pearl pink corky and eggs. very bright 7 pound hen.
  13. Hunter

    Hunter Guest

    Happy Newyear!
    Well, saw the best and the worst of Forks while fishing all last week. Full of helpful nice people and then there are the select few who decide to show up and turn off the bite by snagging there limits thinking they are the best steelheaders on the world. I don't even consider them fisherman. Okay, now my rant is done, I did manage to hook and land some fish over the week in the less than ideal conditions on corkies or pink worms. A 4lb chrome hen, 2 7lb bucks, and a 11lb chrome hen. Saw a couple pigs caught and swimming the creek. There were so many fish in the creek you could walk up, down, or across the creek without getting wet. River should be perfect right now but I think 70-80% of the run came in last week. Good Luck!
  14. Cody watts

    Cody watts Guest

    Me and a buddy drove 4by hrs fished the bogie by the hatchery I hooked into 5an steelies using a black and pink jig 1/4 oz fished from shore lots of people hooking and landing fish. Most were using either jigs or eggs. I brought eggs but didn't use them. Also fished by the calawah which Is about a mile walk from the bogie hatchery saw people landing some in the short time we were there. River conditions were excellent
  15. fisher2011

    fisher2011 Guest

    Fished the bogie this morning. River is excellent shape and producing fish. If you wanna catch some steelhead this is the place to be.
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