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Took CommanderX's boat out today for some BM fishing at Pt Defiance. We hit the water about 8:30 and it was cold and windy. Wind was out of the south so the water in front of Owens Beach stayed fairly smooth for us.

Cat Fisher took us out last week (I crackered a large BM at the net) to show us the fine art of mooching. We had intended on sharpening our new found skills, but it was cold and windy. So...Downriggers out, gear to the bottom, heater on, sit inside and wait. Did I mention I'm a sissy?

We tried a few things and then at about 10:00 Doug put on the old BM stand by, an Army Truck Coho Killer and a green glow flasher. I still tried some different stuff and then after Doug hit a couple of shakers I threw on the Army Truck. I went with a white glow flasher, just to be different.

It wasn't more than 10 minutes and I picked up a skinny little BM. Bonked him and dropped gear back to the bottom. A few short moments later, rod goes off again and Doug lands another BM. Both fish were about 23 inches and Doug had the "Big Fish" of the day... His outwieghed mine by 1/10 of a pound. :lol:

We are gonna try to hit the AM high tide tomorrow. It's the last day for BM in MA-11 until mid February.

Here are some pics of the little guys. They aren't as fat as the ones we have been getting, but we haven't posted a report in a while so here they are...


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