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Bitcoin, my opinion

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Don't take my word for it, but do your due diligence and research Bitcoin and the technology behind it. I am a very conservative investor, and I don't buy into anything that I don't research thoroughly. To this day, I have purchased $13k worth of Bitcoin from my Coinbase account. I have $7k more that I will put in when Coinbase allows me to. Coinbase restricts what you can put in weekly, that's the only reason that I am not in for the full $20k. If I could have put in my $20k on my first purchase, I would have near doubled my money in 6 weeks. I am up considerably right now. This investment is hard to understand, but take a serious look at it because it can make you a lot of money. I try to open the eyes of people that don't understand investing. I grew up poor, learned investing on my own, with very little money, and have done very well. I would like to see others experience what I have over the years. Look into it and make your own decision. Look at the "blockchain" technology. We are at the beginning of a new technological break through.

I have been helping kids and friends with investing for a few years, and they are doing great in the market. I have never asked for a penny, and never will. I just want to open some eyes. It comes down to the fact that most people just don't understand investing. You can set yourself financially free.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is at $5943.
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I bought more Bitcoin on Sunday. All the Bitcoin news I am reading is looking good. I think that we will see it going up considerably in the next 4-6 weeks. You have to think long term, because Bitcoin is here to stay. I also bought shares today in a company called Airborne Wireless Network (ABWN). Airborne Wireless Network. They filed with NASDAQ for IPO. The technology looks good. I threw money at it, but I don't recommend anyone buying into it without doing some hard research. I'm at the beginning stages in research on this company. We'll see what turns up on this one. They have a great patent which would be appealing to a larger company for a buy out down the road.
Sledge...what do you think of Dropbox....IPO went off today at $21 a share.....I think it looks promising
I think that it will be a good long term investment. I'll be watching it.
I think I will pick up 1,000 shares this week.....Don't want to wait and have it double like Juno lol
How's it going for you guys?
Wishing I had sold my ETH at $1359! Oh well....gotta maintain my long term attitude
I'm bullish on Bitcoin. I just bought another full Bitcoin on Sunday, in addition to the half I bought on 3/18. Think long term, it's going to be a good year for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is here to stay.
This thread is quite old but I'm glad to hear you were taking the time to do your research into Bitcoin, and that you've been having such good luck so far! It's awesome to hear about the success you've had with investing, and that you're dedicated to helping others do the same. I wanted to let you know that there's a really useful scalping strategy you may want to check out -аlytics/tips/easy-scalping-strategies-26412. It's awesome cuz it helps you maximize your profits without investing a huge amount of time. It's def worth checking out if you're looking to up your Bitcoin game.
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