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Bitcoin, my opinion

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Don't take my word for it, but do your due diligence and research Bitcoin and the technology behind it. I am a very conservative investor, and I don't buy into anything that I don't research thoroughly. To this day, I have purchased $13k worth of Bitcoin from my Coinbase account. I have $7k more that I will put in when Coinbase allows me to. Coinbase restricts what you can put in weekly, that's the only reason that I am not in for the full $20k. If I could have put in my $20k on my first purchase, I would have near doubled my money in 6 weeks. I am up considerably right now. This investment is hard to understand, but take a serious look at it because it can make you a lot of money. I try to open the eyes of people that don't understand investing. I grew up poor, learned investing on my own, with very little money, and have done very well. I would like to see others experience what I have over the years. Look into it and make your own decision. Look at the "blockchain" technology. We are at the beginning of a new technological break through.

I have been helping kids and friends with investing for a few years, and they are doing great in the market. I have never asked for a penny, and never will. I just want to open some eyes. It comes down to the fact that most people just don't understand investing. You can set yourself financially free.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is at $5943.
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Bitcoin is still kind of crazy. Did any of you guys get out at the peak and back in after this drop?
Jim, are you sure the drop is over?
Good point eddie. :)
I never got into ethereum more. Particularly when ethereum and microsoft are in the same sentence. I'd imagine the volume at Coinbase, for example, was so high that transactions were delayed. I was up 200% at ethereum's just 100% (but climbing since this morning). It would've been ideal to sell high and buy low, of course. Long term outlook here. I think the general opinion of savvy and rationale long term investors is that regulation would be a good. Bringing comfort to millions of investors who are on the fence or even still behind the fence. Reducing speculation?
Well it looks like JUNO has performed well the last few days. Glad to have invested in it and made a little bit of money... now just deciding whether or not to keep or sell.

Up to $86 from $45 a week ago. How do you guys get wind of the transaction etc that caused this uptick?
Curb, I'm like rainman when it comes to researching an investment. I don't buy into any company that I think won't kill it in the market. Juno was pretty simple for me. Take a look at BLUE. I bought into it a few months ago, it's up $21.30 today. I am researching some other companies right now. If they look good, and I buy into them, I'll let you know.
OK. Thank you. Curious though....the Celgene/JUNO thing.....are you saying you were NOT aware of it when making your initial and/or significant investment in JUNO? I'll check out BLUE
When I first looked into the company, Juno, I saw that at the time Celgene had invested 1 billion into a partnership with Juno. It looked to me like a perfect merger/buyout in the future. Due to this possibility, I loaded up on Juno, and also bought shares of Celgene. I have done this with other companies in the past like Sirius and XM, and several others. I figured that they would need to merge to stay competitive in the music space, and they did.

So to answer your question, I had no knowledge that Celgene would buy out Juno at the time of my investment. I only based it on my experiences in investing in several biotech companies. This is the same reason that I invested in Kite Pharma, that was bought out buy Gilead, and Pharmacyclics, that was bought out by Abbvie. Now I'm in the process to find my next biotech investment. These small biotechs always need the money, infrastructure, and distribution that a big biotech company has.
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too late for bluebird? They don't have very good ratios etc....but it seems to matter less than clinical trials that involve Celgene etc... And I'm hearing that things are already priced in.

What do you think about amicus.
I haven't heard about Amicus, until you mentioned it. I bought into Blue, and am going to let it ride. I think that I will put more into AAPL and AMZN. They are going to kill it in the future. AAPL is a good buy right now. It should do very good after earnings.
Netflix is on the rise.....I'm doing really well
Thanks to you Cod, I bought into Netflix. It's been rocking it!
More ongoing bloodbath with Bitcoin. I hope everyone is doing ok with their investment.
Bitcoin and Ethereum will do fine in this drop. It's a good time to buy either one right now. The other crypto currencies are getting hammered. The alt coins are very dangerous for investors. Over 90% of these cryptos will disappear over time. There is a lot of fraud with some of these alt coins and over sees exchanges. People are rightfully scared to put money in when exchanges are getting hacked. Coinbase can be a pain in the ass, but it's pretty well regulated. If it wasn't for the fact that I bought a new truck, and of course, I have to modify it to my personal taste, I would put a lot more into Bitcoin and Ethereum. For now, I will probably buy another 1/2 Bitcoin, and save the rest of my cash for more mods on the truck, and of course, a big tax bill.
Lost another 25% or so. Now 6688.18. That makes the last few days of the DOW drop seem like nothing. I sure wish I had a crystal ball.
Bitcoin and Ethereum will do well for years to come. Bitcoin is at $11k right now, and will climb. Jimh, put some money into Bitcoin and Ethereum, and let it ride. You won't be sorry.
As I've noted, if I could tolerate the risk I would have been in it years ago. My loss.
Things aren't looking too great at the moment... hopefully this is all short lived. Time will tell.
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