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Bitcoin, my opinion

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Don't take my word for it, but do your due diligence and research Bitcoin and the technology behind it. I am a very conservative investor, and I don't buy into anything that I don't research thoroughly. To this day, I have purchased $13k worth of Bitcoin from my Coinbase account. I have $7k more that I will put in when Coinbase allows me to. Coinbase restricts what you can put in weekly, that's the only reason that I am not in for the full $20k. If I could have put in my $20k on my first purchase, I would have near doubled my money in 6 weeks. I am up considerably right now. This investment is hard to understand, but take a serious look at it because it can make you a lot of money. I try to open the eyes of people that don't understand investing. I grew up poor, learned investing on my own, with very little money, and have done very well. I would like to see others experience what I have over the years. Look into it and make your own decision. Look at the "blockchain" technology. We are at the beginning of a new technological break through.

I have been helping kids and friends with investing for a few years, and they are doing great in the market. I have never asked for a penny, and never will. I just want to open some eyes. It comes down to the fact that most people just don't understand investing. You can set yourself financially free.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is at $5943.
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I bought into Netflix due to the Codfather, and have done well with that stock, and still hold it. Codfather, buy some Bitcoin and Ethereum, because it is on a sharp rise and will continue, in my opinion. Bitcoin is $19,370 and Ether is $728. We'll see what it is in the morning. My prediction is that Bitcoin will be $19,800 - $20,400. Ether may be around $745. We'll see in the morning.
I'm not computer smart and don't understand all this wallet and banking stuff
Cod, it's a wild ride right now, and pretty exciting. I'm not good with tech either, but found this pretty simple. Go to and do a little research. Basically, you need a cell phone, email, super secret password that you create, and the info on your savings, checking, or credit card to link your accounts. At this point it is considered a risky investment for most. I understand the technology somewhat to make me comfortable with investing $26,500 into Bitcoin, and $11,100 into Ethereum. Those are the only 2 crypto currencies that I am invested in right now. As of 2 minutes ago, I am up $61,482.00, between the two. It's a wild ride, but you can make some money. I firmly believe due to my research that Bitcoin and Ethereum will kill it in 2018. As I say, do your own research and make your own decision.
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I hope you guys got out before the sell off.
Not me, I'm going to buy some more.
Well, optimum would have been sell, and buy back. :)
You're right about that. I always go long term on my investments. I don't like paying short term capital gains. Bitcoin bounced back to $14,800. I really like Ethereum and the technology behind it. Microsoft is launching Coco on the Ether blockchain after the first of the year. It will allow smart contracts to be encrypted. It will be used by many businesses. Ether has the ability to go up 10x-20x in 2018. I am buying more soon.
Well well.....ETHER.......would you look at that. Short term, yes....but helps to settle yesterday's stomach. lol
Big losses recently... and not much of an upward trajectory the last couple weeks... but it could still skyrocket or plummet to nothing. I could see it doing either of the two. At least I'm not in it enough money to be sick should I lose it all.

Good luck,

very discretionary income being utilized here.
Hey Sledge. What do you know about tax effect of selling Eth and converting back to USD? I've about doubled my money in a month and would like to take half off the table. Short term vs. long term? 1099's issued?
I'm going long term, so I'm not sure. I'm treating it just like stocks. Long term gains vs. short term gains. I don't think that the IRS has it figured out yet. Ether is going to do well in 2018. I would hang on to it if I were you. Check out MSFT's Coco for encrypted smart contracts on Ether's blockchain. It is going to start in quarter 1 in 18.
Ether is at $1035 right now Curb. Hang on to it. Predictions are that it will hit $3,000 + by the end of 18. I think it will be a lot higher.
Yes....I'll let it all ride. As I commented before....very discretionary income being used. My basis is about $400/eth. I'm a "tradesman" and have heard universally positive things about trade's in general being very booked up and looking good in the near future.....volume of work being high.

On a side note....picked up some BABA last week. Was surprised the moneygram thing didn't drag it down more. The overlying issue surrounding that deleted transaction is something a person should be concerned about when investing in co's like BABA, I think.
Good news on Ethereum. Brazil is signing on with Ether to use their blockchain for voting in their political process. Ether is now $1247 and climbing. Curb, you are going to be a very wealthy man!
Who here wants to make some money? If you do, buy some Bitcoin and Ethereum. I would buy more Ether than Bitcoin. Either way, you should make money. I'm just trying to help some people to make some money. If anyone has any questions, fire away.
It's still in the very early stages with a lot of money to be made. It's going to be a great couple of years in the stock market, also, especially if they get the tax cuts passed. I think that we will see explosive growth. Buy some AMZN, AAPL, JUNO, and IWM if you have any money to spare.
The Bitcoin fork is officially canceled, so we should see a hard climb soon. If you are not up for Bitcoin, take a hard look at JUNO. I just bought another 315 shares on Monday, and will by more when my dividend payments come in. It will make you a lot of money.
Juno is up almost $20 per share after hours today, after talks of being bought out by Celgene, which I predicted many months ago. We should see a hard run on Juno in the next few days if it looks like it will be bought out. I just bought more last week before this latest news.

Curb, did you ever buy any JUNO? I'm doing my best to help the people that listen, to set them financially free.
No JUNO. I was too lazy to do the homework.....and I think I mentioned before my distaste of investing in that industry.....mostly due to unfamiliarity.
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