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Bitcoin, my opinion

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Don't take my word for it, but do your due diligence and research Bitcoin and the technology behind it. I am a very conservative investor, and I don't buy into anything that I don't research thoroughly. To this day, I have purchased $13k worth of Bitcoin from my Coinbase account. I have $7k more that I will put in when Coinbase allows me to. Coinbase restricts what you can put in weekly, that's the only reason that I am not in for the full $20k. If I could have put in my $20k on my first purchase, I would have near doubled my money in 6 weeks. I am up considerably right now. This investment is hard to understand, but take a serious look at it because it can make you a lot of money. I try to open the eyes of people that don't understand investing. I grew up poor, learned investing on my own, with very little money, and have done very well. I would like to see others experience what I have over the years. Look into it and make your own decision. Look at the "blockchain" technology. We are at the beginning of a new technological break through.

I have been helping kids and friends with investing for a few years, and they are doing great in the market. I have never asked for a penny, and never will. I just want to open some eyes. It comes down to the fact that most people just don't understand investing. You can set yourself financially free.

As of this writing, Bitcoin is at $5943.
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After my my last transaction cleared, last night, Coinbase increased my limit to 10K. This morning I bought another $7500 worth of Bitcoin. I will buy in again if we get a big dip, which may happen on November 16th with the upcoming fork.
I've heard about the "fork." What is it? I've heard consistent comments about the "fork" resulting in a dip......with this bias, why even buy now? Also, can you tell me what the actual fee was for the $7500 purchase?
My transaction fee was $110 on the $7500. There was a fork last week, and another coming up on Nov 16th. It's called the Segwit2x fork. Here is an article. Bitcoin's Upcoming SegWit2x Hard Fork, Put in Layman's Terms
Bitcoin price is now $6250. Bought it at $5700 yesterday. Wait until it hits critical mass. It will climb beyond belief.
Bitcoin is at $6400 and climbing due to a lot of good news. Anyone jump on the train yet?
Yep, it's me again. I'm hearing the word "speculative" and the phrase "highest risk, highest reward" way too often for my comfort zone. And the articles, such as the link above, speak a language that I just can't wrap my brain around. Topped off with comments about hackers taking your money, or the "wallet" issues.......ugh!!!! Personally, I'm sticking with tangible and proven value investments. I wish you success!
I understand Curb. It took me 4 weeks of serious research to finally understand it. I think that you may regret not buying into it, but I do respect your decision.
Curb, take a look at JUNO if you want to see a big payday within 18 months or so. I have well over a 1,000 shares. This is a great investment, as was KITE, which I bought in the high 30's less than 2 yrs ago. It went to 180 per share after being bought out by GILD. Kite was a big payday, as JUNO will soon be.
Now at $6845 and on a hard climb. Pretty good investment so far.
$6909 and climbing. Here is a site to follow the price. Bookmark it if you are interested. Bitcoin is expected to hit 100K by the end of 2018, according to some of the tech experts. Bitcoin Price Index - Real-time Bitcoin Price Charts
Every morning I wake up, it's like Christmas with Bitcoin. I am looking forward to tomorrow morning. Then again, I wouldn't mind a big dip to pick up some more.
OK. Just confirmation. I will probably do this at the next dip...maybe the fork? I've got about 3k I can toss in.....You're telling me that if I make a desired 15-20% return....I can get it all back and be completely free of Bitcoin? (1.5% fees, of course).

I've been checking into the site you posted for about the last 10 days.
Yes, you just sell it when you want to and transfer it back into the account that you have it linked to. I'm hoping for a dip, but it may not happen. Bitcoin hit over $7300 at 4am this morning, and is now at $7135.
Listening to good chatter about bitcoin as we speak...on channel 46 business channel.

So I completed my coinbase sign-up (I actually had started this 10 days ago) .....waiting for verification of my bank account link-up. Looks like BTC wallet is the way to go?
I don't have a separate wallet. I just have what Coinbase set up. Eventually I will buy a Trezor to store my Bitcoin on.
Looks like Bitcoin is taking a dip right now Curb. Keep an eye on the price. May be time to get in soon.
One trend that I noticed Curb, is that prior to a fork, people bail out of Bitcoin and wait for the dust to settle and news to get out on the results of the fork. The price always seems to dip. If the trend holds true, we may see a dip starting around November 15. If it goes to 6K, I'll jump in and buy a full Bitcoin, which will put me at my goal of 5 Bitcoins.
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