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Before I place a complaint w/ Joes

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I went to Joes last weekend to get some line placed on my reel. Today i noticed that the line was put on backwards. What i mean is, when i reel my line in theres no tenion from the roller and the line just wraps around everything. Has anyone else had this same issues? I swear its not operater error.
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I don't think I quite understand your description (is this a spinning or level-wind reel??), but just take it back and have them re-do it.
It's a spinning reel. I'll do that but frustrating.
Sounds like it may be over filled. If you put line on a spinning reel the wrong direction from a spool. What you get is (TWIST)!! :roll:
Bob makes a good point. You could just peel off a bunch of line, letting it coil on the floor, then wind it back up and cut off any excessive length.

Also, what kind of line is it? Some lines have high memory for the larger spool they came from, causing them to "spring" all over the place when you open the bail. After several days on your spool this will resolve, as the line "forgets" the other spool size and "learns" your. Trilene XT is really bad in this regard.
What i noticed, when i reel the line is comping from the opposite direction and putting tension on the bar and not the roller. I just looked at the reel again. So when i reel forward the the part where the bail is rotates clock wise., but the line does not tighten it loosens. I looks like he put the line on the opposite direction :shock: .
That's really wierd. I'm having trouble visualizing how that would be possible.

Was the bail inadvertently closed when the reel was spooled? That might do it.
oh well. I'm head to hook line and sinker to get it replaced. It's closer.
no he took of the spool and placed it on his machine. I think it was rotating the wrong direction.
Sounds to me like it was wound backwards. If the reel has a baitfeed switch on it and it was engaged then I suppose it's possible. However, I don't know how their automated machine wind backwards (unless they removed the spool from the reel to fill it.)

Just for kicks, flip the switch (probably on the back of the reel) and see what that does. It should prevent the reel from turning one direction. If it only spins in the direction of filling the spool then I'd say that Joe's did ok and it was a simple goof on your part (we've all had them.)
In the future don't let this freak you out. Do not dump the line on the floor, in a pail, or in the sink ....

Go tie the end of your line to your bumber or tree. Walk the line off your spool with out letting it hit the ground, all the way to the end of the spool. Crank a few wraps of line onto your spool, enough to ensure your line will not spin on your spool. Put some hard tension on your rod, maybe 2 - 4 pounds of pressure for 12 pound test, and while keeping the pressure constant reel your line back in as you walk to the tie point. Your line will be warm from the tension and when it wraps on your spool and cools off, it will memorize your spool diameter. This will also keep your line from burying in the spool from a hot fish.
You could also tie your line to a five pound free weight and just reel it in.
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Why not just reel the line onto a second reel and then re-spool back onto the first reel the correct way.....frustrating that it happened but easy to fix. Tup:
Its not hard to wind line on backwards. All the electric line winders have a forward and reverse to accomodate left and right hand baitcasters. If the switch was left in the wrong position, then it'll wind on backwards. Just a good lesson in always checking the line before you leave the store.
madcapmag said:
Its not hard to wind line on backwards. All the electric line winders have a forward and reverse to accomodate left and right hand baitcasters. If the switch was left in the wrong position, then it'll wind on backwards. Just a good lesson in always checking the line before you leave the store.
Good call. The poor guy at Joes probably spools dozens upon dozens of reels. It's really an easy mistake to make. If line gets spooled on the correct way manually, it should have less twist in the line, and oscillate on evenly anyway. Plus it will be put on the right direction every time.
I never get fishing advice or fishing equipment adjustments/installations from places like Joes, Walmart, Big 5 or any of the bigger stores that have small fishing departments. Many times the employees at the fishing dept do not know too much about fishing. Like at Joes, where the employee might be some teenager with more knowledge about skiing than fishing. Also, do NOT ever ask for fishing rule/laws interpretation from store employees. I guess these are the best lessons to take away from all this.

If you go to Outdoor Emporium, Teds or any of the other smaller and more specialized fishing stores, you are more likely (but not always) to get better fishing-related advice and service.

My 2 cents.
I'd do what Sparky suggests with one small variation. After you've walked all the line off of the spool, set your rod down and go detach the line from where it was tied. Go back and start reeling the line on to the spool... holding good tension by pinching it... not so much tension that the drag starts to slip though. This will remove the memory AND allow your line to untwist as its going back on the spool.
I've had several polls as well as a deep water halibut poll spooled up there, and have never had this happen. Sounds odd. I am having a hard time envisioning what exactly is happening as well. Braded line or mono?
It was braided. I think what happened was, when he put the line on he applied it in reverse, no the right way. so when my bail and roller rotates clock wise around the spool, the line doesn't tighten, it actually loosens. Now i went and got it respooled at a local store, its mushy. Oh well i think im going to buy my own service spool and do it my self.
Flip the reversing lever and it's wound correctly. The guy is probably the opposite hand from you or he accidently hit the lever when he set the spooler.
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