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Well I'm no chef! But after reading several web pages on the subject here is what I do.

Rub on some of your favorite pork rub (I never seem to have time to do this the previous night). Let the meat come up to room temp while your smoker is coming up to temp (200). Put on your favorite wood (I use a mix of hickory and apple for Pork). Smoke for about 4 hours (I just load 4 hours worth of pucks into the Bradley) and then continue at 200 until the internal temp of the meat is about 180. I baste the meat with your favorite basting (I use straight apple juice) every hour or so. Pull from the smoker and wrap in foil and then towels and put it in a cooler until you are ready to serve it. This will help to continue breaking down the connective tissue. Pull the pork and serve with your favorite BBQ sauce.

The last shoulder I did took about 8 hours as I let the temp get too high in the smoker. The one before that took 20 hours. The main difference was that the one that went 20 hours had a wonderful bark but the one that went 8 I had to remove the bark as it was too charred to leave in the meat. Both of them tasted great though.

Some people will remove the shoulder from the smoker after the 4 hours and continue it in the oven. I don't see the need for this step.

I did up some last weekend that we ate yesterday. I put the pulled pork in a gallon ziplock bag with about a cup of apple juice to store it. Then yesterday I put the pork in a crock pot set on low and mixed in another cup of apple juice to help keep the pork moist. Everyone loved it!

BTW: Costco sells Shoulders in two packs. This is what I cooked on Saturday and I did both at the same time.
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