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Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Big Jim, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Big Jim

    Big Jim Guest

    I hit the lake on opening day with my four year old son and his grandfather for opeing day! Grandpa ran the sled across the lake to two new developments and we slayed em'! Limited out in about an hour and a half. On the lake at noon and back to the cabin by two. Caught 4 hogs and the rest were your normal stocked trout. My son had a blast though and thats what counts!!
  2. gary

    gary Guest

    used powerbait caught limet state launch people are catching a few 10-19 powerbait [ [email protected]}
  3. gary killmer

    gary killmer Guest

    used orange power bait,caught a few 10-11 inch rainbow still fishing,trouled with flat fish (gold.silver)also
    used red wedding ring a lot of hits landed 2-3 lake started
    to grow weeds.last year caught a 4lb15oz hold over and a few 17-18 inch rainbows