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Hey Gang:

Boys and I went out today... We fished the race track early in the morning... Never saw so much as a bait school... There were prolly 20 boats out there tho... Then we moved to the south end of the island... We did pass through some bait, but got skunked just the same... We pulled little coyotes, big coyotes, tomics, and hootchies... Heck, I even pulled out a never fail fish caller rigging that I got!!!! Even though we were no hits and no hook-ups - we had a great time... What a beautiful day... Had a great time just having a picnic on the water...

Question - What is the best way to get Smelly Jelly off of your flashers after a day of fishing? It is made to repel water, so just washing in water doesn't do it very well... I don't think I want to use dish soap due to the smell, but maybe that is the ticket... What do you all use?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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