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Anyone been Ice fishing?

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How is the Ice depth at Fish or any of the central Wa lakes?
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Fished Fish lake Sat. The ice is deep enough but there is a layer of snow and slush on the surface. It feels funny walking on it because you break through the top layer into the slush and it feels like you are going through the ice. I saw maybe 25 groups fishing and not a lot of fish being caught. Threw the tackle box at them and finnally figured it out. They wanted gold. A gold and red Dick Nite twitched right off the bottom with the tail end of a worm landed us 4 limts of trout and about 25 perch a piece. The Perch were on the smallish side. Cleaning and filletting all the fish all but 3 were female.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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