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Any good surf perch spots in ocean shores?

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some relatives coming here on tomorrow, thought i'd take em' out for some surf fishing on weds. i have only done surf fishing at kalaloch with success with mussells, shrimp, & tubeworms. dont want to drive out too far so i'll opt for OS. i've done clamming on the beach in front of the hotels there, is there good fishing there? we plan to leave at 3:30ish in the morning and getting there by 6 something. any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!
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can't help with OS though i've seen several people fishing in the surf and off the south Jetty over the years. don't know how they did but there was always people there so it must be worth it. i don't know what they were using in the surf but i've seen people jigging something or other off the jetty. maybe Darts?

i'm curious about your Kalaloch fishing though. i'm taking a camping trip to that area in a month or so and would love some tips on that area it you have any.

good luck with the relatives and the surf fishing!

i go to kalaloch once or twice every year with friends to camp.

my most productive fishing is at beach 4. when you walk down the trail, go right and i fish in between the giant cliffs/rocks on your FAR right and the single rock protruding out of the surf. you'll know what i mean once you go down there. i've also fished the beach right in front of the campsites and did good in the early morning. not familiar with the other beaches though, i've fished beach 4 for the past 5 years and for the most part i was satisfied with the catch. perhaps this year i might do a little more exploring.

i get up early around 5 and fish the morning bite until 7ish thats when it seems to die down but you'll still catch fish. i mostly use raw shrimp w/shell and mussells.

plus, there are a lot of smelt. during the labor day weekened we use a custom made net for them which seem to produce more fish than the average smelt nets you buy.
we do really well at ocean city just north of ocean shores. time of day nevers seems to matter for me as much as the tide. i like 1 hour before the tide change and about 2 hours after slack. i have had great luck with clam necks and sandshrimp but my last 2 trips i have played with artificials. i tried a 2 hook rig{ like a spreader style set up} and i put a hot pink corkie above each hook for color and a 1" yum white crappie grub and i outfished my uncle who was using clam necks. i also used some gulp shrimp pieces and kick arse too. i thought the clam neck thing is too easy and i like to experiment with new stuff so i have played with lots of ideas but thhose 2 have worked the best for me. i will probably never use live bait again.

good luck and i can't waite to jhear a report.

nice picture of "jeep" on your avatar. i love it. you are either a 4x4 fan or a popeye fan. you don't see that little guy much anymore.
I second Ocean City… this time of year you will have to dodge the rental motor scooters, kite flyers, dogs, horses and tourists at Ocean Shores. Go straight out from the access road and if you don’t get something in 10 minutes, walk either way 50 yards until you find ‘em.

Here’s a tip for next year… I freeze razor clam guts in ice trays and use them for chum. Just keep them frozen and throw them out in the surf as far as you can. It works great on an incoming tide. I also use them for bait in crab snares.
I will be at Kalaloch for the 4th of July Weekend camping...I have also had good luck on Beach 4...I actually go left when I get to the end of the trail...I may try going to the right now...The campground has been ok for me as well but in the morning...I think at Ocean Shores, its either Ocean City North or the water near the jetty...Good luck!!!!
good tips on Kalaloch. i'll have to give it a go when i'm there this summer. i've never fished in the surf before. what kinds of rods/reels are used? do youjust chuck it on out there and wait for a tug on the line?

Fishpimp, ya, i just got a new-to-me Grand Cherokee for my snowboarding/fishing/camping vehicle. aside from the fuel economy, its proving to be a useful vehicle. i like it quite a bit.

excellent tips guys!

for rods, i dont bother with any of those special surf rods. i just use an 8'6" spinning with 8lb test. i try to cast it beyond the incoming surf. also, try looking for breakwaters.
I will have a report with pics when I get back on the 6th!
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