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Fished kingston this morning for about 3 hours. G/G hotspot flasher, and green/white coyote. Hooked a nice 7-9lbs wild right when got there then had a seal follow me around the rest of the time, getting 2 more fish before I could get them to the boat and 1 more that I was horsing in to avoid the seal and lost as well. So good fun action but nothing to bring home. Great water, and nice weather.

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I know what you mean about the seals. I have seen many aggressive seals but not usually in area 10, this year I cant get rid of them. I even steer towards other boats then make a quick turn and try and hand my seal off to them, but I cant shake them.

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When I first got there and there and I was the only boat fishing it didn't suprise me for him to be following. But as the morning went on there was other boats in the area and he still chose to follow me around. I have also been at possession and have had them sit there and wait for me to show up,(or so it seems) :roll:

This is my first run in with a seal at kingston, and I have had a pretty good BM season so far this winter at that paticular location.

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We did Jeff Head this morning... started at around 8am from Edmonds. It was pretty snotty getting there and only got worse as the morning wore on. Pretty tough fishing until around 11am when the wind died and it flattened right down. We managed 7 to the boat 6 were 18-21" and one in the box at about 6-7lbs. We caught all on 4" plugs tight to the bottom.

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You need to start carrying a wrist rocket and "train" them to avoid your boat. ... nipeds.cfm

Potential Deterrence Methods for
Pacific Harbor Seals & California Sea Lions
May 2006
The following list of “potential methods� and “deterrents to avoid� is not an exhaustive list of non-lethal methods or techniques. If you have questions about protecting your property and/or fishing gear and catch from nuisance Pacific harbor seals and California seal lions, please contact our marine mammal specialists: Brent Norberg, 206-526-6733; Garth Griffin, 503-231-2005; Lynne Barre, 206-526-4745.
Note: Some of the methods listed (such as loud noise or pyrotechnics) may not be appropriate for use in some areas, or are subject to prohibition under federal, state or local ordinances. The presence of Endangered Species Act-listed species in some areas may advise against the use of certain methods. Please consult with appropriate authorities to determine if such prohibitions exist in your area, or if ESA-listed species may be encountered.
Potential methods for use by private property owners to deter Pacific harbor seals and California seal lions from damaging property (developed waterfront, decks, docks, floats, piers, bait receivers, vessels at anchor, etc.).
Barriers & Exclusion Devices:
• fencing (e.g., plastic construction/snow fence, chain link)
• closely spaced posts
• bull rails
• electric livestock fencing
• netting
• swim step protector
Visual Repellents:
• flags, pinwheels, or streamers
• flashing lights or strobes
• balloons
• human attendants/monitors
Noise Makers:
• horns, whistles, bells
• electronic acoustic devices (Acoustic Harassment Devices)
• clapping, banging on pots, pans, drums; empty aluminum cans on a string banging together
• music
• starter pistols
• pyrotechnics (e.g., bird screamers, bangers, firecrackers, propane canons)
Physical Contact:
• high or low pressure water hoses
• sprinklers, sprayers
• crowder boards
• bull poles (blunt tip), brooms
• cattle prod (these products produce only a mild electric shock designed for handling livestock and are in no way related to “stun guns� designed for self-defense)
• toy water guns (e.g., “Super Soaker©�)
• paint ball or air soft guns
• slingshot
• chemical irritants (e.g., non-toxic pepper spray, mace) used for animal control (there are many municipal and state ordinances controlling the use and possession of these irritants)
Note: Guard dogs are not included on the list of suggested measures because of risks to both dogs and marine mammals, including the potential risk of disease transmission between them.
Potential methods for use by fishers to deter Pacific harbor seals and California seal lions from damaging gear or catch (anglers must be actively fishing with gear deployed).
Visual Repellents/Noise Makers:
• boat hazing, circling
• pounding on hull
• pyrotechnics (e.g., bird screamers, bangers, underwater firecrackers, cracker shells)
• starter pistols
• horns, bells, whistles
Physical Contact:
• slingshots
• paint ball guns
• non-lethal ammunition (e.g., rubber bullets, sabot rounds, game stingers)
Methods to Avoid â€" The following methods and techniques have an increased likelihood of causing injury or death and should be avoided.
• No Firearms with “live� (lethal) ammunition
• No Devices with Injurious Projectiles (e.g., archery gear, crossbows, spear guns, bangsticks)
• No Sharp/Pointed Objects (e.g., harpoons, spears, gaffs, nail studded bats/poles/clubs)
• No Entangling Devices (e.g., loose webbing, snares, concertina wire)
• No Aggressive Tactile Methods (e.g., striking animals with bats, hammers etc., impact with vehicles or boats )
• No Tainted Baits or Poisons
Act Responsibly and Use Common Sense! - Regardless of method or intent, the property owner or fisher may be subject to prosecution should a marine mammal be seriously injured or killed as a result of deterrence efforts for the protection of property, gear or catch.
Remember Personal Safety! - Attempts by property owners and/or fishers to deter nuisance animals from engaging in unwanted behaviors using non-lethal means is a personal choice and not without risk (to the person doing the deterring and anyone around them). Sea lions and seals are wild animals that may react unpredictably to non-lethal deterrence measures, resulting in personal injury or additional damage to property. Sea lions are large and powerful animals that can move as quickly as a person on land.
Be Aware of People around You and be Courteous! - The safe use of some of the above-listed potential methods (e.g., cracker shells, non-lethal ammunition) requires considerable skill and experience. The use of some of these methods may precipitate undesirable social interactions. If you are in possession of a firearm, law enforcement officers approaching your property or vessel will assume that your firearm is loaded with lethal ammunition.
Individuals attempting to deter nuisance sea lions and seals, using the above-listed potential methods or similar techniques, do so at their own risk.

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Fished Manchester saturday morning, man was it ugly out there. The fishing was hot, we had 5 to the boat in about a hour and a half lost a good one to a seal (time for a slingshot) and got a small keeper. The wind quit about 11:00 and the barometer just fell and the bite was off but it was still better than staying home.Jason
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