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Another Columbia Netting Supporter

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If you live in District 19, then Brian Hatfield is YOUR the following letter, think about what is important to you, and vote accordingly.


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I-5 Corridor? Westport,Ilwaco,the OP, must be I-5 then
Tdown: Rather interesting take on who benifits from net fishing, and who is left out, say the local places that cater to fishermen, Hotels, restauarants, gas stations, stores, etc. Smacks of Pork Barrel politics to me.
Mr. Hatfield must own a bowpicker and a license??? His adgenda is obviously not about supporting the majority''s economy, or the resourse.

Funny. I wasn't there, but it sounds like there was a good showing of us sporties at the allocation meeting tonight. Kudo's to those that could and did go.
I am not very good at ferreting out the financial disclosure info but if someone is (Todd) we could probibly get an idea of his holdings much like was done with Domet<sp. But I would bet there is a netter/processer in the wood pile somewhere.

Also Irene Martin where some of his numbers come from is the infamous church lady and wife of a commercial fisherman.
Also Irene Martin where some of his numbers come from is the infamous church lady and wife of a commercial fisherman.

Martin tried to cornor one of the speakers (pro Sport) during one of the breaks. When I asked him about how the commercials fished below the Lewis River while the sports were kept above it; all he did was dance around and act like he was going to have a stroke. clown: I just loved his testimony on how much money he could get for his diffrent permits in Alaska but the one down here was worthless. In most of the commercial testomony they addmitted that they had mulitple permit which included ones in Alaska. Would it really impact there lively hood if they lost the mainstem Columbia River as part of their rape and pileage play ground? It was even funnier how they now want to cooperate with the sport fisherman. They sure did not sing that tune just 2 years ago. conf:
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Interesting how his letter includes NO estimates of the economic impact of recreational fishing. If he were representating my district, I'd be giving both my $'s and vote to his opponent(s).
If he's a Hatfield then............. I'm a McCoy! (This is funny if you're old enough to know why it's funny). Nothing funny though about sportsfishermen getting screwed left and right.
It sure sounds like the sports fishermen are finally being listened to. It would be nice to see how this plays out clap:
What is Hatfield's email address?
I don't think this guy will respond well. He hasn't faced any opposition at the polls (at least in 2004, the last election I could find). Tdown:

If you search the public disclosure commission, this guy reads like the proverbial dirty book.
Contributions from forest industries, banks, ATT, Reynolds (I assume the aluminum guys), Washington state troopers, Vulcan (aka Paul Allen) and the Grand Ronde Tribe. I didn't do an exhaustive search, there are a lot of forms (500+) and multiple names on a form but nothing stops a gillnetter and his wife from giving him $1400. The list goes on but at $700 a crack and no opposition, this is nothing short of bribery as like most states, I assume if you don't spend your campaign cash, you can keep it when you retire.

Maybe we could start up a collection and fund some opposition, at least scare the guy. Maybe he will spend some of this retirement money his is accumulating. Tup:

I would think that District 19 may lean a little more towards the Republican side anyway....
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Brian Hatfield is now the Senator down there, taking Mark Doumit's spot, and furthering Doumit's legacy of being 100% behind the local commercial fishermen...Blake, on the other hand, is a friend of the sportfisher.
Fish on...

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