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Fishing Report Anderson Island

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Jason, Jul 7, 2001.

  1. Jason

    Jason Guest

    Chinook Salmon-We were trolling for kings on the south side of Anderson Island. At 7:10 AM, we caught a 35# the southern tip of Anderson Island west of the cove, and Devil's point. We were using 5 oz cresent weights, Dodgers, and herring. Other than a few dogfish, we only had a few other bites.
  2. havinfun

    havinfun Guest

    Went out of Boston Harbor and went toward Anderson Island. We caught some shakers (silvers)using crocodiles. We stayed until 10:30 and couldn't get any keepers. Marked a lot of fish but couldn't get the larger ones to bite. There was 3 guys fishing with flies by buoy #8. Didn't see them catch anything but they must have been after cutthroats.
  3. Dman

    Dman Guest

    Fished Nisqually mouth, trolled flasher/ herring. 20, 11 and 3 pound Chinook around tide change.
  4. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Started the morning off the southern end of Anderson Island, just past the cove by the bouy. Trolled a hoochie/dodger on a deep-six. Lots of hits on the finder, but nothing biting. Trolled about 3 hours, alternated with jigging a point wilson dart. No luck here. Very few fisherman out this day
  5. Andy

    Andy Guest

    Started our day off of Anderson Island, southern end near the buoy. Dropped a crab pot (later stolen!! - Thanks!). Came up dry, however a boat near us trolling picked up a nice Salmon - kept as I heard the *whack* of the club against his head. Lots of fish to be had near Green Can in the Nisqually Flats! Saw several stacks about 20m from the wood pilings, on the finder.
  6. BigKing

    BigKing Guest

    Caught some native and one hatchery king in big fish trap over the weekend mostly when the tide was changing. bonus was a big Dungeness just outside of boston harbor. Lots of fish marked but not hitting.
  7. sirjin

    sirjin Guest

    Fished off the 'green can' for about 4 hours in the morning and nothing. Trolled from 'green can' to old ship and north along the shore about 80 - 120' on the fish finder with a different coyote spoons with a hot spot and nothing. Saw about 12 other boats with the majority of them mooching and didn't see anything caught.
  8. sirjin

    sirjin Guest

    Counted over 30 boats around the green can at slack tide. Saw majority of the boats mooching and saw 2 different boats hook and catch their salmon from jigging.
  9. We set our crab pots on the evening of 20july, moored in the bay and went out the next morning and they were gone. We notice that all of the local crab pots were still there, so we are thinking it is territorial thing. This is the second pair of pots we lost ( 1st off of Faye Bainbridge). We are planning on getting new one when we can afford it and going back but will not trust the area to leave them unguarded.

    we were the opening day and caught quite a few, there were a lot of people moored there though.
  10. Mojo

    Mojo Guest

    Plenty of pinks between Solo Point and the Green can. Use pink hoochie and cast towards the inland. Place your boat around 100 to 50 meters from the shore. People with waders are also catching pink. I hit my limit in 1 hr. Good Luck!!
  11. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    Dropped the crab pots (2) between Devil's Head and south end of Anderson. Soaked for 2 hours and got one keeper rock crab. At least 10 undersized dungies in each pot. Advice from some veteran locals...
    don't use the danielson pots. The crab can't get in...and when they do they can get out. Also... use squid as bait. I'll try again the first weekend in December.
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