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Fishing Report American Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Paul Trudeau, Mar 4, 1999.

  1. Pescado

    Pescado Guest

    Evening fishing, trolling w/ spinners no wt 40 feet behind the boat. Between the Island and Fire/Police dock. 4 keepers.
  2. Patrick C.

    Patrick C. Guest

    hit American lake on base at shoreline parks with the kids saturday evening and slayed the rainbows. biggest was about 19" was using orange powerbait and 6 foot leader. great fun watching th daughter bring in her first trout of the year... cant wait for the nisqually to get hot so i can get her on some big ones. anybody want to trade thier boat for a nice sniper rifle?
  3. went to American Lake today , by Harry Todd public docks caught 3 nice size trout, guy shows up next to me and starts landing trout left and right, bait of choice POWERBAIT !!! long liter and your set cast and wait a few .
  4. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Was on the water from this morn from
    6:30-10:30. Landed one koke at 17". One rainbow at 12". One cut throat at 8". Last year at this time the kokers were really on my gear. I know a slew of fry are added each season, but the numbers for Kokanee have dramatically dropped. I sincerely hope the fishery recovers next year. This is the first kept kone for me this season. None of the other boats are landing them either. I hope WDFW has a recovery plan to implement soon.

    Keep at it and be smart stewardship for Kokanee.
  5. mangofish

    mangofish Guest

    Chummed salmon eggs from a jar, took me 5 hours from 5-6 pm only to land 3 kokanees that's ok going to smoke it when i get home
  6. Lance Moore

    Lance Moore Guest

    Went out after the rain stopped. I brought in 5 nice cut throat! I seen a guy on the Doc not much action there from what I Seen! I was using a #2 Blue Fox took me around an hour to limit out! Fish On!
  7. Joe Pena

    Joe Pena Guest

    Sun came out today at lunch. Fished the dock on post. Nothing today, thought the warmer weather might bring the rainbows out of the deep...
  8. sevenmmrem

    sevenmmrem Guest

    Went out around 8am caught two small rainbows on a #2 blue fox. Nothing on powerbait.
  9. Drew

    Drew Guest

    My 8yr old son caught 18" trout about 3 pm. We started fishking at 1230 and finished at 3:45. Hopefully we get better luck next time. Fish on!!!
  10. Went to the "Boat House" this morning, there were 7 of us out there and I didn't see a pole bounce in 2 hours. An old man said that boaters were catching plenty on the west side of the lake, but where I was at it was dead. I used a worm and the ones around me used pink, yellow, or green power bait. Maybe it will be better later in the week with the 65+ temps!
  11. hit American Lake, Pierce county, about 4:30 PM, launched from
    Lake City, Lakewood Boat Ramp, was sunny, 67 deg, breeze on water from the SW, tried trolling with a flasher rig and a pink wedding ring spinner with white powerbait, no luck, spent ruffly 3 hours on the water to no avail, had a nice time tho...1st time this year managed to take a borrowed boat out
  12. Mc97601

    Mc97601 Guest

    Not sure what all the hype over this lake is all about, spent two days in different spots fishing for anything that would bite after the first 4hrs. Only thing I caught was lots of weeds. I've had better luck in mud holes in southern Oregon
  13. Justin

    Justin Guest

    Hit American lake with a buddy, fishing power eggs off the bottom, he took home 3, I took home 5.

    The biggest one of the day was about 3 pounds and slipped through a missing board on the dock when I was taking the hook out. :(
  14. Ron

    Ron Guest

    Was on the water from 7:30 am thru 12:30. We landed 8. Seven rainbows and one cutthroat. Most boats were getting strikes as well. We had many strikes that shook off prior to the net.

    Try a ford fender with a wedding ring tipped with power bait. That rod was constantly in action. Most our hits were on the top 10 feet in depth. The cutthroat was about 17" and taken on the traditional dodger and humdinger set. That was down about 30 feet. The fish are spread out and we had success in several locations. The wind was a factor between 10 and 11. Good start to the week end.
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