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Fishing Report American Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Paul Trudeau, Mar 4, 1999.

  1. CohoSeeker

    CohoSeeker Guest

    Well fished for three hours no fish. trolled, bobber and casted. tried everything and nothing worked. Talked to to some one and they said because of blue skys and a big moon the fish are feeding all night so. GOOD LUCK!!!!<><
  2. rob2112

    rob2112 Guest

    Went to scope out the Nisqually river and not much happening there so I stopped at Harry Todd Park dock and started at about 2000hrs / the fish seem to be feeding and active around 2100 hrs ;) !!! Caught 1 x 11" with worm suspended about 3 feet below the bobber easily, would have stayed longer but the park technically closes at 2100('ish) (we deffinetly need a 24hr public access spot or later hours)
  3. eli Jah

    eli Jah Guest

    I caught 15 ounce Rock Bass dropshotting. My goal is the state record. Gonna fry it up tonight for dinner so good.
  4. 2hits2fish

    2hits2fish Guest

    My buddy & I fished for 3-hrs late this afternoon and we each caught a perch by the moored boats with worms fished off the bottom in about 30' of water. No hits trolling spinners and lures. NOTHING!?!
    Only a couple other boats on the water today. We got out just before the rains came. Met some guys coming in who had no luck fishing and happily accepted our 2-perch.
  5. tacfisher

    tacfisher Guest

    good two hours on the lake before the waterskiers showed up.Son and I went perch fishing.In less then 2 hours we landed 10 nice ones.Good dinner tonight.just dont forget to cook them good.Must have been a bass tournament out there today.Saw them take off across the lake.Might go back next week before the river opens.Ten fish only used two worms between us.
  6. junkyardgina

    junkyardgina Guest

    Rented dingy w/outboard from Bill's Boathouse. Expensive, but worth the fun! Sister and I caught 9 fairly large perch on half-dead worms (bring your own - won't buy them from boathouse again)and 3-ft leader off the floating dock near Post campgrounds. Gave a couple of our fish to a GI that was camping until his ETS.
  7. Zack

    Zack Guest

    Fished for 2 hours on the Fort Lewis side, used power bait and worms. Did not get a bite.
  8. ron

    ron Guest

    Three weeks in a row I have hammered kokanee between first light and 9 am. Most other boats are getting hook ups too. This is a great fishery. All my fish are taken on lures and Humdingers. Nice Fat Scrappers.
  9. ron

    ron Guest

    Kokanee on October 1. Trolled north side of Silcox Island for two hours. Kept 2, released two and had three nice hits. Was off the water by 8:30. Another boat had a limit of 5 and was headed home at 8:30. We use dodgers and mini coyote spoons/needle fish. Lime green ...

    One rod has 2 oz. and another 3 oz. weights. HAVE FUN!
  10. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Buddy and I trolled from 8 to 12 PM and caught 3 Kokanees, lost one other and released 4 rainbows. Kok's were 12-14 inches.
  11. hooked a few cokes nothing to big but it was fun
  12. austin

    austin Guest

    damn bass are kitting hard with frogs tht float caught 6 peoples limits today on boat
  13. obsession

    obsession Guest

    fishing is crap here lately thinkinhg about heading out to some of the lakes that just recently opened. i'm hearing good things about just about everywhere but the year round lakes.
  14. tim

    tim Guest

    Trolled 30' picked up limit of kokes. 3 of us all limited. 12-15 inches and fat. Most everyone we talked to had limits.
  15. Fishlipz

    Fishlipz Guest

    was out early in the day trolled 4about 22minutes/
    1 side dicknite with wormtail and two 1/3 ounce split shots 75 feet behind boat, other side of boat 4inch dodger 3 ft. Leader and green wedding ring worm tail, had a decent limit after 22minutes.
    All kokes 14-17 inch range. Fish On!!!
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