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Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Paul Trudeau, Mar 4, 1999.

  1. KC

    KC Guest

    Caught a one 12 inch Rainbow about 500 meters South of Russel Landing. I was fishing from the bank using a 1/8 ounce brown rooster tail. It was my first cast of the day and he hit it about 15ft out from the bank. It was around 9 am. Didn't get another hit or anything for the rest of the day.
  2. KC

    KC Guest

    Landed a small Rainbow on a gold castmaster 1/8 ounce in the same area as the other day, maybe a hundred feet or so north. My girls fished worms off the bottom today with no luck. I think we were a little shallow though.
  3. jason lowes

    jason lowes Guest

    going fishing today with the kids. 3rd day in a row and still havent caught anything. today is the day!!
  4. gone

    gone Guest

    Fished the small lake due to the wind,trolled using a needle fish with a 1/4 ounce weight caught limits for both of us.troll approx one mile per hour.Had hookups on approx another ten but couldn't keep them on.Best to use a trailer hook with bait on second hook.
  5. Tried fishing on the fishing dock that is designated for fishing. The boats and seadoos took the entire dock for their own personal use. It was disappointing. It's not regulated by the parks official to make sure that is shared by other fishing people. I've fished there twice before and was not disappointed but today was terrible. The police came around but did not even made any comments.
  6. rookie

    rookie Guest

    Enjoyed fishin w/ my lil bro & a couple of buddies-4 keepers, lil bro caught nice 2lb rainbow!!
  7. rookie

    rookie Guest

    Fished w/ lil bro fr 6-9. P/u a nice 18" 3lb smallmouth & 13-14" rainbow. Good times!!
  8. On little American lake caught a 7lb 27in Male Rainbow with wicked hooked lower jaw on a nightcrawler. Trout have been getting much more difficult to catch. More perch and rock bass
  9. Fished American lake for Kokanee and caught 2 little perch...Water temp 64, was windy and cold...Only a handfull of boats on the water...Headed to Harts lake after 3 hours fished another 2 hours with no luck...Good luck to all...
  10. Launched at 7:30 which is a little later than normal for me. Caught my limit - most were in the 13 to 14 inch range. Caught an 11 inch fish that I would have released but he was a bleeder so he went into the live well. Used my normal setup - 35 ft down.
  11. chad

    chad Guest

    Went to american today for rainbows,no luck,tried trolling pop gear and wedding ring,rapala,tried bobber and off the luck,one strike on the wedding ring,,,better luck next time
  12. Lw 2011

    Lw 2011 Guest

    took the boat out this morning. trolling pop gear about 30-40ft on the south end.. 3 people in my boat all got limits of kokanee. this is the 5th day in a row that we got our limits. there are so many agressive fish its the best i have seen it in year. hooked a big rainbow too but it broke my cuzins line. seen some guys fishing for bass too and they were killing them too.
  13. BigSOUTH

    BigSOUTH Guest

    Me and two friends hit the lake yesterday morning doing some smallmouth fishing fished for them for like 30 mins and no hits ...Seen shit load of trout or Kokanee jumping so we started trolling different color dick nites and twenty mins my buddy hung a monster trout... 8-10 pounds at least.. did not have a net cause we are dumb and lost the fish right at the boat by trying to grab him with our hands over the boat..Right after that it started pouring on us so we left..Be there saturday morning at daylight....FISH ON<P><font size=1>Edited by Easy Limits on 3/29/2011.</font>
  14. david h

    david h Guest

    trolling red wedding rings and maggots got my limit of kokes. seen a large splash by boat dock. tossed a power black power worm hooked about a 6 pound small mouth bass. been getting quite a bit here. windy and cold.
  15. spokey9

    spokey9 Guest

    A couple buddies & i went down to Bill's Boathouse today (one of my buddies got a new rod for his birthday and needed to get it wet). I was actually expected some real slow fishing because the weather wasn't that great. We got there around 7:30 am and left around 11:30. We all rigged up with bobbers set between 6 & 12 feet deep. I was using a whole 'crawler and my buddies were using half a worm. It turned out to be a pretty good day, Lots of fish near the surface jumpin' (saw one lil' guy get about 6 feet of air). The bite wasn't smokin' hot but we were consistently gettin bit. We all got our limits, they were mostly 9 to 12 inchers with a couple or 7 or 8's and 3 over 14. If anybody goes down there fish shallow. the fish won't start hanging out deeper off that dock til the surface temp hits the high 50's to low 60's.
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