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Fishing Report American Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Paul Trudeau, Mar 4, 1999.

  1. Dylan Hall

    Dylan Hall Guest

    Fished on 2-9-03 and caught two nice trout around a pound. Followed Fishing and hunting new's advice and trolled the surface with rapalas and roostertails. Caught one on each, my dad didn't catch anything but he didn't mind. Fair number of boats on the water but they spread out on this large buetiful lake.
  2. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    Trolled floating Rapala for about an hour before dark today. Caught one small Cutt and a fat 15" Rainbow. Not bad for a quick fishing break.
  3. max walker

    max walker Guest

    fished american on the 23rd and couldn't get the fish to bite. they
    were there, just didn't like my offerings. I was hopping to get one
    of those big 5+ pounders, but that didn't happen. Merry Christmas

  4. Robin

    Robin Guest

    Went out out today with some good friends of mine and fished off
    the Bill's Boathouse docks. We all caught our limit of Kokanee. We
    were using worms and bobber. Even saw a boater come in with a 3 1/2
    lb smallmouth bass. Was a good day everyone was getting there
    limits it seemed.

    FISHSEAN Guest

    Great day out on American Lake very cold but very nice as well!! Got on the water at about 8:00. Started trolling near the boat launch with weddingrings. 10 minutes into it we got our first Rainbow ruffly 12inches. Another 10 minutes and I was into what turned out to be a 3pound Rainbow. My buddy Castanova also caught a nice fish. A 2pound Cutthroat near the V.A. Tight Lines and be safe!
  6. Owen

    Owen Guest

    Fished American Lake Easter morning (killing time while waiting for everyone to get into town for the egg hunt) at the park just north of the WDFW launch (the park with the swimming area, forget the name of it). Landed a six inch trout on a small silver spoon. Would have caught a lot more, but I'd brought the wrong tackle box and didn't have small enough hooks to land most of them (nothing worse then watching six fish, even small ones, chase your lure in nipping at it but not big enough to get their mouth over the hook). Tried worms on the floor and off the top, but no luck with that.
  7. Bay Wolf

    Bay Wolf Guest

    Started fishing around 11:00. Running silver/red and brass/green wedding rings with nightcrawlers. Fished in front of the VA in 40-60ft and caught three planters (10") within 15 minutes. Trolled over to the island and did circles around it. Caught fish on all sides. Ended up C/R two limites within a couple of hours. Marked lots of schools (probably Kokes) between 20 and 40 ft.
  8. Fishin bass caught a trout on a getz-it... Not so great a bass lake good for trout. Dont go to tournaments on it for bass fishin until mid summer.
  9. wannafish

    wannafish Guest

    I was going to get up early and get to American lake before it got to hot. Once I found the south launch (I have never been there before) and started fishing it was 6:30am. I headed east trolling a flasher and spinner. I switched to ¼ ounce weight with flasher and wedding ring with corn. I caught a rainbow by Harry Todd docks. Then I got deep by the island so I put on a ounce weight with the flasher and wedding ring with corn. Nothing! It got to hot so I started to head toward the launch and was throwing a worm toward shore and hooked 4 or 5 rock bass (first I have ever caught). It wasn’t a bad day but I really was after kokanee. I will have to try another day.
  10. Shotgun J

    Shotgun J Guest

    Went out to American Lake at Bill Boathouse after wasting some time at Spanaway Lake. Spent about 2.5 to 3hrs fishing and caught only one fish about 14 inches out of three people. Bill said the fishing was slow due to the drastic change in weather. Even though the fishing was slow it was nice to be on the water and that trout tasted great on the grill!
  11. PeteP

    PeteP Guest

    Caught 51 perch up to 11" in just a few hours. Last week was almost the same. Found a school and worked it. Bait could barely hit bottom before they hit. Buddy did equaly as well.
  12. kelton

    kelton Guest

    couagt three nice trout about 19". on flashers at about 30ft. really hitting hard.
  13. bionic_one

    bionic_one Guest

    Trolled for about an hour yesterday evening in my kayak. Used flashers and a dick nite. I only saw two fish on my depthfinder the whole time, and neither of them bit. The new boat launch at the North park is really nice.
  14. Ross

    Ross Guest

    Rented a row boat as the lake was calm from Bill's Boathouse to target perch in the deeper water. Went out just past the bouys then around to the NW side of the island where I brought up 4 large perch from about 60 feet. Too deep for the anchor provided and gave up as the wind started and couldn't stay put. Went back and fished off the dock for a couple hours but no bites.
  15. bionic_one

    bionic_one Guest

    Took my kayak out to American Lake again and hit the water around noon. Fished several hours with no luck. Tried in close to the shore and saw several large fish on my FF. They wouldn't bite my rapala or my bluefox (with and without flashers. Tried deeper water (60 feet) and marked lots of fish in the 10-30 feet range. They wouldn't bite either. Ran into another guy who had the same luck.
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