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Fishing Report American Lake

Discussion in 'Pierce County' started by Paul Trudeau, Mar 4, 1999.

  1. Paul Trudeau

    Paul Trudeau Guest

    Went out on 3/5/99 in search of anything. Drowned some nightcrawlers, powerbait and even a few plastic crayfish in the cove near the new marina. Fished from 1100am to 130pm without a bite.
  2. Smieb

    Smieb Guest

    Did some nickel and diming on the boat then grabbed my daughter and went fittin. Arrived at the lake about noon and started trolling. As usual, for this time of year, the kokes are up shallow and tight lipped. So shallow they scatter in front of your boat and you can't mark them on the fish finder. We bagged the downrigger and put out long lines with 00 dodgers, short leaders, a no name plug, and berkley trout sent, We nailed one nice 15 inch koke that put on an awesome Ariel display. A very feisty fish indeed.
  3. Fred Norman

    Fred Norman Guest

    Trolled American Lake north of Silcox Island to the hospitol (5/17) and again today (5/30). Did well on the 17th and nothing today. But with the weather clear and sunny and the views of Mt Rainier how can it be a bad day.
  4. Jim Deyoe

    Jim Deyoe Guest

    Hi all, went out at 6am, fish little american from shore, had my limit before 7am. catch and release till 10am. real good day, but it was cold, and overcast.
  5. mat

    mat Guest

    We haven't caught anything yet. We've only been fishing once on American but only stayed there about an hour. We were using power bait and worms. What kind of bait is best?
  6. Walt

    Walt Guest

    Trolled American Lake starting at o'dark thirty 5:00 AM until about noon. Picked up a lot of six inchers and released. Trolled on North side of Wilcox plus over by the Vet Hospital using pop gear and wedding band lures with maggots with leaded line at various depths. Also still fished over by the Ft Lewis launch area. Caught a few more small silvers plus a few perch!! Oh well, maybe one of these days they will increase in size!!!!
  7. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    Trolled a small plug in the middle of the afternoon. Water temp was 55F. Had a fish on for about 3 minutes before it popped my leader. It had jumped 4 times by then. Yes , it was big. It looked like a steelhead when it jumped. I know I shouldn't had the drag so tight when I'm using 3.75 lb test leader material. So it's still in there.
  8. paul

    paul Guest

    went to american lake today got a late start went to the duffle bag for some bait got half way to the lake realized we forgot the life jackets went back to the duffle bag cheaper than going home got to the lake about noon the army showed up and said they were jumping out of perfectly good helicopters into totally cold water we said we would stay out of there way went over to the culvert . got a new ultralight rod and reel while setting it up Matt got the first fish a 9 inch kokanee over the next few hours fishing was pretty steady four of us caught limits biggest was 11 inches average was 10 going back tomorrow if the wind doesn't blow will try in front of the hospital bigger fish there will let you know
  9. paul

    paul Guest

    went back to american about 9am cold and wind was blowing so went to the culvert was slow finally limited about 12:30 same size as yesterday 8 to 11 inches can't wait till next week clear lake out of eatonville opens will wait till the following week before we go this lake is a fish factory for kokane we have caught as many as 100 fish in an hour will let you know as soon as we go
  10. Helmut

    Helmut Guest

    Fished from shoreline park to the lake city area. Caught 3 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 inch trout. I released them.
  11. Jeff Pelton

    Jeff Pelton Guest

    Last weekend me and 2 friends went out on the lake an spent the day on one of those rental boats from shoreline (On Ft. Lewis) We limited out in by the end of the day with 15 kokanee's and 2 Perch. Trolling is the way to go with Kokanee's, they are hot right now trolling and a spinner is all you will need for a great day of fishing! Good Luck!
  12. George Burns

    George Burns Guest

    Put in at about 0545. Caught one rainbow, (10") on a floating Rapala! (I was actually hoping for Bass). Several hours later, I caught two Kokanee (both 11"), trolling a silver Dick Nite (my comfort spoon) behind a single, tiny Colorado spinner and 1/4 oz. sinker. The Kokanee were both caught just north of that big island (don't know it's name). I enjoy using ultra-lite gear, don't use pop-gear, down-riggers, etc. Also don't like still fishing. This makes getting the lure down to any depth somewhat of a problem. A 1/4 oz. sinker is about max for my favorite outfit. Any ideas on how to troll for Kokanee, using ultra-lite gear, when the water is warm, and they are 30 feet down? Anyone tried jigging for them?
  13. John

    John Guest

    Fished for a couple of hours on the Ft lewis bay of American lake without a whole lot of luck. Caught 2 small trout. I using a super duper and the other on a dry fly. There were a lot of fish rising but I couldn't figure out what they were feeding on .
  14. Launched from the DFW ramp about 8:30, rowed (no motor) out about 250 feet to ~40' of water, and dropped anchor. We tossed a 1/2 worm with no weight (besides the swivel), and around 18" of leader. Had our limits of (~12") rainbows by around 11:00 AM, when we finished the day in shallower water on a mess of perch. Definitely will be fishing the lake again, only next time we'll be heading around the lake toward the west side. Sure wish the skiers and high-speed enthusiasts were a bit more considerate to us slow-pokes looking for a relaxing day of fishing.
  15. Josh

    Josh Guest

    That lake puts out trout year round. Weve been catching some big rainbows this winter, 6 to 10 pounders are not uncommon here these next few months. A true winter fishery. I mostly want to comment on the BAD public launch in the middle of the lake on the east side. Lock your rigs up and set your alarms. Weve seen anything from vandalism to cars stollen. BAD NEIGHBORHOOD hard to beleive so close to the base.
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