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Discussion in 'Spokane County' started by Conrad Harder, May 16, 1999.

  1. I have spent the last two weekends fishing at Amber with good success. May 8th I fished for about 9 hours and caught/released 21 rainbows, 3 sterile triploids and May 16th fished about 11 hours and caught/released 31 rainbows, 3 sterile triploids. I had the most success fishing an olive marabou damsel nymph on a wet cell 3 sinking line at depths of about 22-26 ft, fished extremely SLOW and near the bottom, no retrieving or twitching. Most strikes were like freight trains going the other direction. Size ranges of the fish were 13-16 inches and the sterile trout are starting to put on a little weight and size averages about 12-13inches. I would be happy to share my recent success with others and can be reached at my return e-mail address or PH# 509-397-9206. I also tye my own fly's and would be happy to share my damsel pattern or sell them at $1.50 each size #8 and #10. Thank you, Conrad Harder.
  2. I fished at Amber Lake Sept. 18th for about 4 1/2 hrs and caught/released 12 rainbows. I used an Olive marabou damsel (see May 17th report) fished deep and slow in about 25 ft of water. Water temps were 63 degrees and the fish are firm and healthy, good fighters even though we've had some pretty warm temps. I didn't catch any of the sterile triploids on this trip, but my fishing partner caught one and they are about 13 inches long and growing some impressive "shoulders". Next spring and summer should give them plenty of time to start putting on the pounds. Tight Lines!!
  3. I fished Amber on the general season opener Apr. 29, and caught/released 43 trout. The fish are in great shape and have grown some since last Fall, contrary to what some of the fishing clubs are spreading around. My method was to fish slow and deep with a sink III line and my favorite olive marabou pattern in about 20-25 ft of water. I caught quite a few of the sterile triploids this time and they range from 14-16 inches so have done some growing over the winter, maybe not as fast as we would have hoped for, but I only caught 1 fish under 12 inches out of the 43. Tight lines!!
  4. I fished Amber on Sun. 6/11/00 during the blustery, rainy afternoon hours starting at 2pm. I caught/released 8 fish the first 2 hrs using a sink-3 line and my favorite olive marabou damsel, fished slow and deep in 25 ft of water. Then I switched over to chironomid fishing when the wind died down and immediately caught one on the first cast, then only 2 more bites in the next 2 hrs, so I switched back to the sinking line and nailed 2 more on the way to the boat launch. All 10 fish were 14-16 inches and really slammed the fly on the take, nothing subtle about it. I missed/lost a few more during the first 2 hrs and had quite a few "long-line releases" so the action was pretty good for the initial 2 hour period, then slowed as the weather actually improved and the rain stopped. I'm discovering that my success has alot to do with depth and speed when those around me are having no success. I utilize a depth finder (fishin' buddy II) on my V-boat and watch for where the fish are suspended and try to get down to that level, (i.e., in 25 ft of water the fish are holding at 19-22 ft then you better be getting it near the bottom,) and paddling almost dead slow, having to watch the bank to make sure you are not moving TOO FAST, even pointing flippers towards the bottom once in awhile to slow movement, it seems to be that critical. I also have been using 10-12ft leaders which seemed to make a huge difference when I went from a shorter one to that length. I know the reports on Amber have been "poor", but I hope these tips will help improve your catch numbers because it seems to work for me when others around are getting skunked, and my opening day report at Amber speaks volumes about the success I have had, when I heard others say disappointingly that they had a great day and caught 6 or 8. I love to catch trout on a dry-line and dry fly or fish chironomids with an indicator, but if you want really consistent "freight-train" slamming hits and "head-shaker" fights, then invest in a full-sink or wet-cell III line and get down to where the fish are in Amber, the fish finder doesn't lie. As the weather warms and the water temps jump up to the high 60's, it also critical to get down to where the cooler water is near the bottom. In the heat of August, I have actually seen solid black stacks of fish on my 'finder over the springs as the trout seek out cooler water. The middle of the lake straight out from the white house is 37 ft deep and they are there all summer long, hanging right on the bottom, but tought to get down to with even the heaviest sink lines, so I tend to find them in the thermoclime regions at about 22-25 ft deep, again using the fish finder to locate groups, probably near the springs. I would be glad to share to any more info. about fishing Amber lake, I've been all over the whole lake and know the average depths and hot spots that I have logged in the ol' brain bank over the last 7 years. Thanks, Conrad. Tight sinking lines!!
  5. Fished Amber today for the first time since moving here to go to school. Got my float tube out for the first time in a while. I fished a couple of little bays down to the right of the boat launch. Got a hit right away but no hook up then another one got me hung up in the weeds and come off, never even saw him. Then when i wasent really paying attention WHAM! a big rainbow slamed me. A few minutes later i landed the 18 inch brute. It was the prettiest rainbow i have ever seen. Dark green with the pink line. I was using a #12 hairs ear.
  6. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Fishing was great today, we caught and released several rainbows that were about 16". It was slow until we put a bb split shot on the leader to get us down to the bottom, then we were nailing them left and right. Many were surfacing, but the best luck was down deep.
  7. Jean

    Jean Guest

    Fished early to Late, averaged no more than 3 per hour. Most were small 15 to 18 inches. Hopefully better luck next time.
  8. Fisherking

    Fisherking Guest

    I fished Amber a few weekends ago and along with everyone else, endured some harsh water temperatures. All seems good for the first hour but one starts questioning his/her judgement when extremeties take on that familiar bone chilling ache. I know that I will put up with a whole lot of non-sense while in pursuit of my quary, even if it means certain death! If any one can justify bobbing about in near freezing water, casting ice laden fly line through clogged guides and struggling to see through the fog rolling from the nose and mouth like a winter bison chewing on snow cones, I can. I tempted my first catch with a chironomid emerger and successfully landed two more after that. Fishing chironomids under a strike indicator in arctic water can be the most lethargic undertaking I can imagine. It's bad enough just sitting around in warmer conditions but add the element of death and it's more than a miracle I make it. As the sun made it's debut for the day things really started heating up, unfortunately I wasn't part of that action. I tied on a black Wooly Bugger and proceeded to drift around the lake, bouncing my offering off the bottom. I landed six and lost six more. Over all it was a very successful day. I can't wait for my next trip out. Remeber to catch and release.
  9. Roy

    Roy Guest

    Fished right across from the boat launch. Drifted south along shore
    line. caught 5 rainbows 2-3lbs range. Great fighters, fun lake. Good
    time of year for nymphs, chronomids, and scuds.
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