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Hey Weblo, Is this the one you were wanting?

February 21, 2008

Well , here we are in Atlantic
City ... after two and half dayz
of hell travel...
On Thursday , I flew to Boston ...
I land and the handle on my
bag is completly broken...
I say to the girl at American
Air, " Hey , My Luggage Handle is
totally broken"...
she says, Oh , that's awful but
we don't deal with handles"...
So the I say O.K. , I go to the
hotel, the next day I go do my gig...
I get up go to the airport to
catch a plane to Toronto...
I'm checkin' my bag... the agent
says , " Hey , Your bag handle doesn't
go down , what happen ?
I said , " You guys broke my handle"
she says , " Oh , you know we
don't cover handles"...
So she checks my bag,
I get to Toronto , I get my bag and
not only is my handle completely
off , the wheels on my bag
is completely broken off...
I go see the American Airline Girl...
she says, " You know we don't
cover handles or wheels"...
so I go through customs, I have a
box with me and my bag, the
customs guy , a young guy, says hey
what's in the bag ... I say just
clothing ...he says , " I gotta
take a look in there " another
young guys comes over to supervise...
I tell them what happen to my
bag , they don't seem to care...
The guy says , where you going ?
I tell him I'm going down to
" Younge Street " , he says ,
What are you going down there
for , even though I'm in town
for a T.V. show while I'm there
I tell him I'm going to see a friend...
Now he wants to know what's
the cross street ... I don't have
that info... I tell him I'm going to
have a car service pick me up...
he says you don't know where you're
going but a car service is going to
take you there?
I say yeah, he says what's a car
service ???
I say you've never used a car
service , he says No !...
A older agent comes over and
says , " Jimmie Walker, wow
you're one of my favorites, I grew
up on your show" ... the younger
agent says, " Hey we're doing a bag
search here , get away"...
The older agents says , " I know ,
but this is Jimmie " JJ " Walker",
the younger agent says , " I don't
care who it is, get the hell outta
here"...Finally I get through...
Do the gig come back the next
day, My flight is two hours delayed...
I get to Chicago... Finally...
When I get there , Flight delayed
three Philly...
I finally catch the Plane to
Philly three hours later...
Get to Philly at 12:30 A.M...
along with six other delayed flights...
But wait a minute...
Where are the Bags... Delayed...
didn't have room on all the flights
for six hundred or more delayed bags..
You could imagine how happy the Philly passgeners were about this... Just got my bags yesterday...
That's been my last sixty hours...
Oceans Of Love
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