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There have been tremendous changes in Iraq over the past year. Folks who are tracking the war might notice an upsurge in US casualties over the next couple of months. Al Qaeda is on the ropes in Iraq and suffering strategically due to operations at this time. These operations will likely lead to an increase in our own losses in the short term. My advice would be this: Do not despair if you see our casualties increase in January and February. Our forces are in hot pursuit and I plan to be back there with them soon. (Contingent on Army blessings.)

Progress in Iraq is clear and palpable, but is of course tenuous. We can do well there if we listen to those commanders on the ground who know what they are doing, and if we do not let politicians unravel the growing strategic progress for short term political gains.

My book, "Moment of Truth in Iraq" is scheduled for April release and is available for sale now. In this book, readers will find information they've not seen anywhere else. By purchasing an advance (signed) copy before the book hits stands readers can help support my work now, as a result of a special arrangement with the publisher that is explained at the end of the linked dispatch.

Separately, my first book "Danger Close" is available online for immediate shipment. Readers of "Danger Close" should come away with a few answers to any questions about to why this writer is wary of some media outlets, while constantly on the lookout for the good ones. Please read the first chapter here.

I have strived to bring you truth no matter what the repercussions, and there have been many for me. I was first to deliver the news about the Civil War in Iraq (which has mostly ended), and to openly call the emperor naked in Afghanistan where we are still losing ground. I've exposed problems with the military's media interface that were contributing greatly to the problems with the quantity and quality of the news coverage coming out of Iraq. Along the way, I've discovered quite a few people who speak the truth about the war. Many of these people will be discussed in the book.

Recent updates to the site will make it easier for readers to search the hundreds of dispatches and news items in the archives to find particular titles or look at the work from a year or more ago. We've added a series of pages that contain links to all the archived content, organized according to various schemes. Please click here for the Table of Contents for the new archive pages. Reader support made this enhancement possible, and it is much appreciated.

Your Writer,

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