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Re: .40 S&W opions

The Peddler said:
Gun Opinon: There's hardly a better value (except a couple Taurus models) in semi-auto's than that S&W Sigma.

.40 S&W Opinion: Good stopping power, less felt recoil, high-capacity, and safer round. Safer due to it's sub-sonic velocities, less likely to experience over-penetration. Perfect self-defense round, since most self-defense situations are close-contact, and the use of higher velocity rounds is not necessary.
Safer because its sub-sonic? I don't get that. The speed of sound is 1130fps,less than that and a round would be subsonic. About the only load thats not at 1130 or more for the .40 is the 180gr. Most 165s are close and the 155s and 135s are over. 155s are probably the most common weight for personal defense carry.

Bullet design and weight have more affect on how much penetration occurs. Typically,lighter, faster bullets don't penetrate as well as heavier, slower bullets. Standard (not +P ammo) .45 ACP rounds are well below sub-sonic and are known for penetration.

If I were looking for self defense loads and was worried about over-penetration,I'd get light, fast bullets. Most handgun rounds don't have a ton of velcity to spare. Hollowpoints need a certain velocity to open,if they aren't going fast enough,they won't open up and will act like FMJ. Then you get over-penetration.
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