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3 generation fishing - Help needed

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Looking for some help and guidance here. On Monday, my Dad, my son, and myself are going fishing (banking it). My Dad will be 85 this year, is still pretty fit, but obviously long hikes and big river crossings are out of the question. I'm thinking the Satsop or Salmon but am open to any suggestions and advice that folks may have. Obviously we would love to catch fish but that would be a bonus. My son and I live in Puyallup and my Dad in Lacey so somewhere South and/or West would be best. If you want to PM, that's great.

Thanks to all who respond, obviously time is running out to do this kind of trip and I'm hoping for a memorable day.
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It is getting a bit late in the season for hatchery fish so it would be wise to pick a spot up near a hatchery or pick a river with a strong wild run. Don't know my way around your area so it is up to yourself or others to suggest a particular spot.

In any case. Good luck and enjoy your time together. A stop for a bite to eat or some hot chocolate after fishing would give you a chance to recount the day's fun and strengthen the memories.
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