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Hi folks we can do this again this year. Anyone wanting to donate a prize of any sort is quite welcome, PM me or send me an Email on your Prize ideas prior to posting here. Lets be sure everything is legit before posted to everyone. This is thread is not for trophy quality, it is for Photo quality. It will not matter if you shoot a 200 class deer or a 400 class elk. A bunny has as much respect as a Brown bear for this purpose. It's about seeing how well the quality of the photography and the content of the WHOLE photo looks.

These will be for late 2009 hunting photo's and 2010 photos only
There must be a title or a name under the photo so when we vote we can use that name or title. As an example. If I posted a photo in small game with a civit cat. I would put "JJHACK civit cat" then maybe I post another one called "JJHACK coyote" if I were to post another coyote photo it would be "JJHACK coyote 2". This will end Thanksgiving weekend when I will lock the threads. After that we will begin a month of voting to choose the best of each catagory.
There must be a name or title with each photo posted in order to vote at the end of the year.
No other comments allowed in the photo threads, Pictures and titles only

We go with a single catagory this year: These are for hunting photo's only. They must include the animal/bird etc. and the hunter in the photo. Any that do not meet this simple requirement will be deleted. The upload time for a thread with photo's that cannot meet this requirement will just waste everyones time waiting in the pictures to load. Once we get 20 or so photo's if the upload time starts getting to great I will start another thread for the additional pictures.

One catagory should be plenty. Remember no text, only photo's with a name or title. No fishing catagories this year. They can have that in the fishing section.
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