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1st Jig

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Took much longer than I hoped and the beads hole was not big enough to pull the marabou I bought through, had to drill it bigger, next time even bigger...but here it is, a simple 2 bead Nightmare....
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Very nice job on the jig looks like you’re a natural at it. clap: Tup: The hints of Holo-flash should generate some attention.

As for the beads I drill all my beads out to 5/64. 5/64 is the minimum diameter to pass the bead over the barb and bend in the hook. A 5/64 hole will also allow for a few trimmed Marabou feathers to be passed through as well.

The beads that I sell on my site have a 5/64 diameter hole. Here is a link to our beads:

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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