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Hunted solo this afternoon. Actually wasn't planning on shooting today, but finished work early. Grabbed some duck and snow goose decoys and headed towards Skagit. If there were no snows around I was going to give ducks a try.
The snows were just on the other side of the road from the field so I set up quickly. I saw that small groups were coming through my field every few minutes. Made 2 quick phone calls to see if anyone else was free to join me but both were busy at work. :cry:

I can't believe how many people stop on the side of the side of the road to take pics of the snows. If they're off the road great, but alot of them are part way in the road when the pull over. Cars trying to pass were honking. And a cop pulled up and wrote acouple tickets. I'm sure theres accidents on the road when people are sidetracked by the birds.

Anyway, I got set up with only the bare minumum of decoys at 1:30. Had acouple chances a few minutes later, But was laying on my back while shooting and missed both chances. Started either standing up or aleast getting to my knees on the rest of the shots. Got my fourth bird at 2:45 :D
Didn't have my camera with me, so an at home shot is all I have.

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