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  1. Let's Talk Fishin'! The best fishin' community on
    Sooooo. It's about that time again. Pink salmon season is upon us after a two year wait. I live in central Washington but grew up near the Dash Point dock and LOVE to catch a few of em before they get in the Puyallup River. Has anyone been down yet? Anything going on at the dock? Any fish...
  2. Let's Talk Fishin'! The best fishin' community on
    Hello, guys newbie here, I am from Michigan and planning to go Alaska for salmon fishing, what are the best lures in your opinion? crankbaits or jigs what works best? thanks :):):)
  3. Let's Talk Fishin'! The best fishin' community on
    I couldn't find the schedule for Nisqually tribal netting online. Does anyone know what their schedule is?
  4. Let's Talk Fishin'! The best fishin' community on
    Hey, I'm going to be in the Sea-Tac area this weekend, and am hoping to get some fishing in! Anyone know of any good rivers that have salmon in them right now? Please let me know here or via email [email protected]
  5. Let's Talk Fishin'! The best fishin' community on
    With my experience, Salmon do bite corkie and yarn. I use corkie and yarn exclusively for chum Salmon. Out works hella good. I also use my corkie yarn set up for pink and Chinook Salmon. It's not always the best, but if nothing else is working, sometimes that works. Salmon do bite corkies
  6. Fishing Politics - The WDFW / ODFW Discussion
    We need a governor that puts salmon runs at the top of there priorities. We need to clean up the spawning beds, then the river mouths. That some will improve the River system and the Puget sound. We need a governor that is willing to sink some money into the Puget sound. Jay Inslee if not that...
  7. Classifieds - For Sale / Trade
    20' 200hp Tiller Jet Sled WideBody (100"beam) Custom Custom Welded Aluminum Dual Axle Trailer w/ Stainless Brakes Dropbox link to folder containing detailed Word.doc & more photos: The "detailed" document includes a...
  8. Classifieds - For Sale / Trade
    30lb. steel spike anchor. Used 3-4 times. There's about 75% of the paint still on it, so you know it hasn't been used much. The picture is from the Hyde website to show you what it looks like. None of the spikes are damaged or have been broken. They retail for $125. Located in Enumclaw. I work...
1-8 of 8 Results