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Different kinds of sport fish are available in Washington State. Whether you're interest is going after the State's famous Salmon and Steelhead fisheries, or throwing a fly at Rainbows, Browns, and Brook Trout, or flippin and pitchin jigs at Bass, you can find it all here.



Catchable Trout Plant Weekly Reports
Spring 2005 Hatchery Trout Stocking Plan
2005 Washington Triploid Trout Stocking Schedule
2005 Eastern Washington Trout Plants
2005 South Central Washington Trout Plants
2005 North Puget Sound Trout Plants
2005 Southwestern Washington Trout Plants
2005 Coast Washington Trout Plants
2005 North Central Washington Trout Plants
Steelhead Smolt Plant Reports
Private Fish Stocking/Transport Permit Information
Region 3 High Lakes Trout Fry Stocking List, 2002—2004
Region 3 Lowland Lakes Trout Fry Stocking List, 2002—2004


Topographic maps or bathymetric maps are great fishing resources. These maps contain very useful information such as depth variations, lake contours, and other underwater features. Take the time to get to know the features of your lake and you'll be able to improve your catches and overall fishing experience.


We've assembled a few helpful links for reference. Feel free to submit to us any reference links that might be useful by clicking on the submit button below.

Hawg Quest
The Ultimate Adventure Show

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Information on regulations for fishing and hunting in the state of Washington.

Washington State Boat Launches
Need to know where you can launch your boat? This site is just what you need.

Washington State Parks
Information on state parks in Washington.

National Park Service
Information on all the National Parks.
Make sure you check the weather before you head out for your outdoor outing.

Saltwater Tides
Find out what the tides are doing around the state of Washington.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Information about conservation, preservation, and education for our wildlife resources.

Washington Stream Flow Information
Need to know if the water is low or high at your favorite river or stream? Visit this site for the most current information.

Fish Passage Center
The Fish Passage Center (FPC) provides current and historic data on salmon and steelhead passage in the main stem Snake and Columbia river basins.
Fishing information for the magnificent North Fork Lewis River Valley.
A comprehensive guide about Washington State.

Washington Fly Fishing
Great site for fly fishing afficionados.

WA Shoreline photos
Here's a great resource if you're wondering about which shoreline to investigate. Department of Ecology's aerial photos of Washington's marine shorelines.

Boat Washington
The Association has created this site to enhance the education and safety of all recreational boaters in our state.