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I am a native Washingtonian. Born, raised, and still live in Federal Way. I am the sixth of seven children in my family.

I have been around boats and fishing my whole life. Granted, with some interruptions in either boating or fishing in my life I always seem to find my way back to what really is important…….FISHING!

When I was a kid my family had a 24’ Bayliner. I can remember getting up early on foggy summer mornings to fish in the Boeing Salmon Derby around Point No Point. At the time our boat was not equipped with downriggers. Heck, I don’t know if downriggers even existed back then. I can remember one year my brother Chris taking seventh place in the Boeing Salmon Derby. My mom use to swear by the “pink squid” as her favorite king salmon getter.

With seven kids running around my dad decided to get my mom a 37’ Californian motor yacht for Valentines Day. After that, we spent our summers living on the Californian while it was moored in Eagle Harbor (Bainbridge Island) at the outpost for Queen City Yacht Club. What’s a kid to do during the summer while being stuck on a boat with no place to go? Fishing of course. My brother Craig and I use to pull the piling worms off the bottom of the docks and hand line fish for perch. Perch were very abundant back then and big too. My brother and I would catch so many perch we would give them to the other folks moored at the outpost.

Life goes on. Parents get divorced, boat gets sold, school, girlfriends. Where does the time go?

Around 1999 I found myself with an ex-fiance and lots of spare time on my hands. A friend of mine calls me up and says “I have a 12’ fiberglass boat collecting dust in my backyard. Do you want it?” Of course, I said YES. Ever since then I have re-discovered fishing and boating. With the help of my buddy and mentor Barry Dubnow I re-learned salmon fishing in the salt and rivers. He also taught me a ton about trout fishing in lakes. I eventually moved up to a 14’ aluminum boat so I could have more access to saltwater areas and larger lakes.

I now make Redondo my saltwater fishing home for salmon in the summer and winter. I consider the Green River to be my home river.

When I was not actually out on the water fishing I was needing to read and talk about fishing. With the help of computers and internet on-line services I discovered My first thoughts about were “local, small, and very user friendly”. Hard to imagine in just the few short years that I have been participating on it has become such a large community of fine fisherman and women. I have met and fished with several fisherman and women from the on-line fishing world and I am always impressed with the quality of individuals who love doing what I love to do, FISHING.