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Jun 18, 2010
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Nov 29, 2020 at 12:54 PM
    1. acefishon
      My last name is not ward, kalmageo is just stuck up ass thinks hes shit dont stink because he is a airline pilot. If ever read half shit he writes dont have clue how to fish.ill put my skills and knowledge of the rivers up against anyone.
    2. acefishon
      Im not a fan of kalamageo either we have had it out many times his a idoit thinks he knows all about fishing. Ive been on here for long time just never posted.
      1. billjr64
        I see that. I think he`s a stuck up fly guy too. I`ve given him grief many times about the Sol Duc and his position on wild fish.

        I was wondering, I saw somewhere at one time that your last name is Ward. Any relation to Mike Ward, Kelso class of 1983?
        Nov 18, 2015
    3. acefishon
      Do we know each other or have u seen me on others sites. The reason i say are u starting trouble is on other site wont say name guys seem wont be grammar police. Im not best at grammer or typing on damn phone but just trying get my 2 cent out there.
      1. billjr64
        I know "of you" from ifish. I actually duked it out with a guy named kalamageo over there about you and your spelling. Chumfoo, on this site, is a worse speller than you, and I was making fun of both of you, with my post.

        Glad to see you over here on GF, post often, I`ll contribute to your threads as much as possible. Always having some fun with it.

        Nov 18, 2015
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