Now ... something important from the TSA

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    May 6, 2004
    How do they find out if someone is transgender without offending them? Truth is stranger than fiction.

    TSA releases video about how it screens transgender people at airports

    The TSA released a video on Thursday about how its agents screen transgender people who go through security checkpoints at airports.

    "TSA recognizes members of the transgender community may have concerns with certain security screening procedures when flying," the video says.

    "If during the screening process there's an alarm on a prosthesis in a sensitive area, we will work with you to resolve the alarm in the best way possible," the video says. "You will not be asked to reveal a sensitive area."

    The video says that a TSA officer will press a button designating a gender "based on how you present yourself — male or female" when a transgender person enters advanced imaging technology.

    "For your comfort and discretion, know that at any time during the screening process you may request to speak with a supervisor or request private screenings," the video says.
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    May 26, 2006
    Yet they don't mind embarrassing an old lady with depends... *uckers!