Not much to report. American 1/22

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    Sep 3, 2009
    I had the morning free today, so I headed over to American to try and see if any Kokes were active in the cold water. I wasn't expecting much, but I had a Cuban cigar that I picked up on a recent trip to Japan and I figured a day on the water would be an excellent way to enjoy it, fish or not.

    There was one parked car and a couple of guys on the beach when I got there around 7:30-8:00. No trailers in the lot at that point. A light rain that stopped and started a few times as I drove there, but it was just cold and grey when I launched. The rain came back again a few times during the day, but I was warm and dry under cover in the boat with the heater going.


    Not much in the way of action as far as fish go. I did spot a few blips on the finder, but they were at a variety of depths. I mostly concentrated on running one rod between 18-25 feet and the other from 30-40 feet. I started the morning with a couple dodgers with glow on them and some rigs incorporating glow beads, then as the morning got brighter I switched one dodger to a silver arrow dodger with red spots and the other to a moon jelly/pink spatter sling blade. Terminal tackle was switched out a few times during the day.

    I only had a couple hits- the first one I just looked up and saw the rod had just popped the clip. Nothing was on, so it's possible that one was just debris, though I had just passed over a few fish on the finder at the time. I circled back through the same spot, and the other rod started jumping- a good couple of hard pulls on it. Unfortunately as before, nothing was on when I brought it in.

    One mildly interesting thing- on one particular spot across from the WDFW launch I kept seeing what looked like a fish on the finder in the same spot. However when I switched to downscan, it looks like an underwater float or something tethered to the bottom, about 30 feet down.


    Anyway, that's about it for on the water. A couple other boats launched while I was out there. Looked like they were anchoring up and casting over on the VA side. When I went to take out, I saw one of their trailers had the running lights/taillights still on. Rather than let them come back to a dead battery, I unplugged the trailer from their hitch connector, and left them a note on their windshield. Hopefully they were more grateful for having a good battery than they were upset that I touched their rig.

    No fish for me today, but the cigar was excellent.
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    Apr 21, 2006
    Thanks for the report. I got a message Saturday of a 15inch kokanee unclipped.
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    Apr 6, 2014
    Thanks for the report I,am getting the itch will hopefully see you out there soon.
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    Jun 14, 2011
    Ditto on the nice report.

    Maybe seven or eight daze left in the drift boat before we make the switch from the rivers to the lakes, but it is coming. Looking forward to a 2017 of newly unlocked Kokanee and Trout secrets learned !

    Cheers and fish-on to ya-all this year!