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WA State Reports
WA's DB Statistics: 9981 Reports in 39 Counties, and 1884 Locations

gf avatar
04/22/2014 - AF12DLT - Cowlitz River, Lewis County, WA
Fished from 1000 to 1400 down river from Blue Creek boat launch. Landed & rlsd 3 very dark & scabby steelhead. Didn't see any fish from the bank fisher's.  
Very wild weather, rain, hail & wind. 
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04/20/2014 - ACE - Skookumchuck River, Thurston County, WA
0 fer 2 and theres not much left either 
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04/19/2014 - Stork - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Got there around 8 that morning and fished for about 5 hours. 1 boat hooked up but not sure if he landed it. No bank fishermen(roughly 20 people) even got a hookup. Where are all the fish??? 
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04/19/2014 - Mike in Tac - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
Went out with 3 friends for a few hours today - 5 fish caught in about 4 hours. 2 rainbows and 3 kokanee. Both trolling and casting bait worked. Weather turned really sour by 11am. The stockers are definitely in! Lots of folks out there with fish today. 
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04/17/2014 - Spring city - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Caught a 12.25 lb springer today. Looks like the chinook season is BEGINING. Go get em  
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04/15/2014 - Denman - Tapps Lake, Pierce County, WA
Got the boat in the water around 2:00 pm. Motored to my go to hole and within 10 minutes hooked the first Muskie of the year. He wasn't big, around 24". Must have been from the '09 plant. He took a perch rapala. Saw another one cruising the shallows. A lot bigger than the first, but couldn't get him to bite.  
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04/12/2014 - Brett - Potholes Reservoir, Grant County, WA
Started at the east end of the lake at the public launch. Trolled plugs, wedding rings and wally pops. Picked up two 16" walleye. Others at the launch said fishing was hot in the Lind Coulee inlet till 9am. Fish seemed to be up towards the surface. Nothing over 20' feet fishing depth had action.  
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gf avatar
04/14/2014 - AF12DLT - Cowlitz River, Lewis County, WA
Must be a, lucky day being 4-14-14. Fished from noon to 1600 just below boat launch. Hooked 4 and landed 2 steelhead. Also saw one 18.10 lb Springer landed below the handicap spot.  
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04/13/2014 - King slayer - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Barrier dam is doin great for steelies and few more springers caught today.  
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04/13/2014 - Kris - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Fished the cowlitz today. Bank fishermen on the blue creek point did really well today. I was fishing from the island side and counted 12 fish caught for 17 fishermen (busy but not crowded). Quite a few more hook ups and lost fish, but that comes with fishing the point. Several limits. Almost all the fish were caught on the bank side in this one seam off the point. Drifting 1.5 to 2 oz cannon balls. Water level has dropped and the fish were not holding on the island side like I had hoped/expected. Despite the bankies doing well, I could not reach/drift that seam from the island side and all I could manage was a foul hooked white fish....great weather and fun/frustrating to watch others hooking up. All fish landed were kept, so i am assuming late run hatchery fish. All appeared to be steel...maybe one larger fish was a springer. 
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04/12/2014 - gerrit - Bainbridge Island Lake, Kitsap County, WA
sorry if the last report did not really go under BI lakes but that is were it seemed most logical to me at that time. but any way went to the fly fishing thing at battle point since they socket it will 400 rainbows last Friday the 6 of April and got one bite on a green woolly bugger at around 11:00 but didn't get any bites until 12:15 went it had gust ended hooked a huge brown trout at the little park bench area by the parking lot on a little white nymph. he broke it of right at the side of the place so that is all i had for that day but going tomorrow for more at 4 so hope i will get him and my fly back. 
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04/12/2014 - PatrickC - Westport, Grays Harbor County, WA
Went out with Westport charters on the discovery today with my buddy Chris for bottom fish, got my limit of lings and rock cod. We left port around 0630 water was usual with some pretty large swells till we got past the bar, sun came out and it was go time, every time we would hit a spot it was instant action with both rock and lings. Our final spot we hit there were multiple triple hook ups on one line. Saw a few whales playing around. Ala and all a great day and the crew was wonderful, buzz is a great deck hand . Going again the Friday with the wife. Tight lines 
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04/10/2014 - bob - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Pick up a small steelhead throwing #4 bluefox silver body w/ bright green blade. Next to the kelso bridge  
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04/10/2014 - adam - Skookumchuck River, Thurston County, WA
Went 1 for 5 today, got a nice bright hen. Still some decent fish in the river. 
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04/07/2014 - ekc - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Got to the river about 0645. Down by the dam was crowded, so I moved to the gravel bar. River was higher than I expected, but very clear. Tried L'il Cleo spoons (has worked in the past for steelies). Lost three to tons of line, but did manage to get one bump. Tried some eggs near the plunkin' hole, in the fast water, but only got nibbles from smolt. Moved upstream, just below the island (now covered) and tried many different pattern spoons...no luck. Went to the barrier and tried eggs, but still no luck. However.....during the 6 hours there I saw 2 Springers hooked, one brought in. I also saw 3 others that had been brought in...two across the river at the barrier. The one that got away was hooked using a chartreuse jig w/black feathers. The guy allowed the jig to get near the bottom and then walked it back to the shore. All fish I saw were in the 7-8lb range. 
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4/7/14 - eggs - Skookumchuck River, Thurston County, WA
river is slow all the fish are super dark fished at the dead line for 6hrs beads and jigs no hook ups save your gas. 
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04/06/2014 - Brett - Moses Lake, Grant County, WA
Trolled wallypops and plugs. 1-3 mph. 4-7pm Nice day, no fish in my boat. Didn't see any one else do any better and had one boat come by and ask where they could find smallmouth's at!  
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04/07/2014 - johnathan wilhelm - Ice House Lake, Skamania County, WA
power bait and worms seem to work best for trout. if your fishing for bass or blue gill use marshmallows or powerbait. use the shiny power bait to 
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04/06/2014 - No fish - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Fished the barrier up and down all day did not see one fish Hooked or any on the bank hope it picks up soon  
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gf avatar
4/5/2014 - Jerry - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
Trolled the first hour between 15 to 30 feet with no bites and then I came over a school of fish at 32 feet on the fish finder. Went over and did figuire 8's and caught my limit of koks in a short time 
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04/06/2014 - Ffishguy - Silver Lake, Snohomish County, WA
Hit the lake for some trout action.Weather not very good.Tried lure for a while nothing.Tried power eggs.Caught one over 16 inches triploid.  
Lost another.Tough fishing.Tight lines. 
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04/05/2014 - Rob - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Fished down and blue creek from first light till about noon; nothing doing there. I think the only thing caught there was a cold. Moved up to barrier nothing worth mentioning, but there where a lot of smolt. Hopefully they survive,  
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04/05/2014 - Killer - Skookumchuck River, Thurston County, WA
Went 2-3 on steelhead today. River was looking real good.  
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04/04/2014 - Buck - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Fished today at BC along clay banks from 7:30 to about 2:30pm, had one on for a brief second and that was it....Seen one other fish landed and that was it down there...really slowed down.... 
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04/04/2014 - Will - Skookumchuck River, Thurston County, WA
Fished for a couple hours with my 4 year old--he loves it. Water was flowing well and a milky green color. No bites. 1 truck near the fields, but we parked at the lower lot (not up by the deadline) and walked down to some slots.  
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04/02/2014 - gerrit - Bainbridge Island Lake, Kitsap County, WA
Went to fish at the south end of the island today at point white at around 2:15. I made a mistake by not checking the tides and ended up getting there at the low tide. but fished there until around 4:30 with some new gear I got. I was using 3 different rods over the time i was there which were two salmon rods and a trout/small salmon rod. I had one with two pieces of herring on a double hook rig with 1 to 4 oz sinker on a 30 pound leader. the other salmon rod had a cut plug herring lure that i could cast and the third had a 3/8 oz pink jig for the flounder that are there. I only got four big crabs and a piece of rushy iron. I saw a big flounder (3,4lb fish) chasing my cut plug herring rig right up to the dock and a small black mouth (around 2-5lb fish) after my pink jig. that is all for now the fresh water season is starting soon so be ready. 
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04/02/2014 - Will - Skookumchuck River, Thurston County, WA
Fished from 730-11am today. Lost one just below the log in my photo. I fished several holes around 'the fields' area and didn't see anyone else, nor did I see any fish hanging around. Very quiet and nice. The river is a bit high with a darker green color. Good luck! 
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03/31/2014 - meeeggg - Pt. Defiance, Pierce County, WA
Rented boat at the boat house no luck bottom fishing was fishing by another boat who hooked two black salmon but were undersize and had to release them.  
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03/31/2014 - toc nguyen - Cowlitz River, Cowlitz County, WA
Fished blue creek mouth all day only get one. Early morning was good for everyone on boats many limitstoday  
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03/30/2014 - Brett - Potholes Reservoir, Grant County, WA
Tried Potholes for the firs time this year. Ran both plugs as well as wedding rings. Trolling from south to north starting at "bird island", used a downrigger at 45 ft with one rod and wedding ring setup. Other used a deep diving plug. Got one smallie about 2.5#. Nothing else on the plug. Wind really picked up around 10:30am and made for a pretty wet ride back as the chop felt similar to the ocean running back in. About 10 other boats all fishing the north end mostly jigging from what I could tell.  
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