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Alder Lake Reports

der Lake (2,931 acres): This large Nisqually River reservoir five miles south of Eatonville covers parts of Pierce (1690 acres), Thurston (1117 acres), and Lewis (124 acres) counties. With a year-round open fishing season, species including rainbow and cutthroat trout, kokanee, largemouth bass, yellow perch, black crappie and bullhead catfish can be found in this lake. The kokanee fishery is expected to be good this year. Try flashers and wedding ring-type lure with bait for terminal gear. There are several boat ramps and good bank access.

6/12/2013 - Marcus - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
Fished Alder at about 5:00 acroos from the Eatonville cutoff and Landed 3 nice Bullhead ranging from 13-14 inchs. 
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10/17/2011 - Love Bone - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
fished the Upper Puke near Orting, big ol nada. 
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10/17/2011 - flyfisher4salmon - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
Fished the Alder Lake Campground in the cove by the boat-launch. Lots of fish jumping. Fished for about an hour with nary a hit and then a small school moved in that was aggressive and I hooked two and landed one nice colored silver buck that was about 12 inches. Had another couple of hits after that, but no hookups. Was hoping to catch enough to butterfly and smoke-em. By the time I was ready to leave, the one I did catch was still quite lively on the stringer, and I decided to let him go. Was still a fun time with the fly-rod. Caught on a size 10 pink epoxy headed buck-tail streamer that my Dad made, and sent to me from Connecticut. Thanks Dad! 
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5/14/2011 - Xpl0it - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
Went out with the kids to Alder Lake. Fished from the shore using everything under the sun, marshmellow's, eggs, power bait, worms, and corn with wedding rings. Not a single bite. 
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9/28/2010 - TowGuy - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
been out on the lake the last two evenings catching kokanee, yard-and-a-half (pop gear) and a wedding band with maggots works well, hooked nine fish last night and brought five in the boat, hooked seven tonight and brought four in. a couple of weeks ago the sizes varied widely and there were even some cut-throat hitting the maggots, last couple of days the fish are between 12" and 14", small for kokes in other lakes but nice size for Alder.  
Normally the Little Nisqually arm is good fishing and also in front of the dam but I have had the best luck straight out in front of the lower boat launch this year, in fact I hardly ever get out of sight of the launch.  
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8/23/2010 - TowGuy - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
Have heard reports that the Kokanee are biting in the lower end of the lake near the dam. Been fishing the upper end of the lake, lots of small perch, even trolling, also a decent sized cut-throat or two but few and far between.  
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7/19/2008 - Klamath - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
Just returned after a Family Vacation & had a great time. We only fished the 12:00 bite for Koke's & did Ok. All fish where in the 13" range & where caught on the upper little Nisqually arm. 1 ounce of weight brought the wedding ring tipped with anise mellow's to 25'. I am sure that there is a morning & evening bite also. 
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6/16/2008 - TowGuy - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
I have been hitting the lake every few days for a month or so, kokanee are pretty slow but are there, yard-and-a-half with a kokanee killer and maggots works best for me.  
Hit the upper end a few times in the last week, lots of debris, some floating just at prop depth and not visible, (until you here it hit the prop and see wood in the prop wash) Thank God for old junkie outboard motors!  
Have limited on Rainbow for the last two days straight near where the nisqually comes in to the lake, white and silver rooster tails and white, grey and silver vibrax lures work the best. large fish for this lake, smallest at eight inches but most fish between 12 and 14 inches. They are gorging themselves on worms, the lake hasn't been up this high in maybe twenty years, must be a lot of food available. Took about 40 minutes yesterday to limit. 
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7/17/2007 - Bill - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
This lake has Kokanee I've caught before with a bober and worm with fish eggs.No luck this last time.One problem is the lakes so low the Perch are packed in together and get your hook before a trout has a chance.If you like small perch then this is the lake for you HAH. 
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4/22/2007 - TowGuy - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
Been out after Kokanee the last week, only picked up one kokanee... did pick up a few trout, no real size to them though. Probably a little early. Yard and a half with a kokanee killer wedding band & maggots worked best, use a small treble hook or you won't hook 'em or keep 'em on.  
I had quite a bit of line out as the fish finder was indicating that they were pretty deep...couldn't even get a bite then when I was reeling in to check the bait I had a strike almost at the boat, started fishing about eighty feet behind the boat and finally started to pull some fish in. 
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2/11/2006 - Fishmanic - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
Since Alder is rarely full in Feb we tryed it with no luck. Saw 3 boats and no one had a hit. Marked many fish on screen but water temp was 38-39. Trolled at all depths. Tried jigging and had a strike. Visibility was about 4-5 feet. 
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7/29/2002 - SteelieDan - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
There's plenty of 8-10" Kokanee in this lake, but the water sports are pretty much taking over. Just when you have your downrigger or trolling gear down deep, you gotta reel it all back in and blast out of the oncoming wake from the jetskis! Fish early at first light, 'cuz the skiers are out by 1000. Spin-flys behind Ford Fenders seemed to work the best for me, but blue flatfish worked as well. Wedding rings and worms just didn't seem to do it this year. Launch from the Alder Resort docks and drop your trolling gear from the git-go, 'cuz the Kokes are running pretty close to shore. Make sure you have your license and be prepared to show your legal limit to the Tacoma Power employee when you pull out.  
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7/23/2000 - Rich - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
On 05-31-00 my fishing partner and I caught twenty-five kokanee. We keep our limits and were extermely pleased to be able to release more fish than we harvested. Hopefully the water levels will remain high to protect the spawning conditions and survival rates. I wonder if the City of Tacoma would release seven or eight dozen logs on the lake to keep down the population of skiers and jet skis? Due to liablity issues I'am sure that will never happen, but we fish keepers can hope! But, the wakes these water crafts create do destroy the spawning nests at the shorelines. There still is hope for the fish keeper. 
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5/24/2000 - Bob B. - Alder Lake, Pierce County, WA
Arrived with boat in the water at 8:30 am one other bass boat on then lake. The water was very clear could see about 25 ft below surface. Started fishing the left cove by the old road and hooked a couple of crappie no big school. Then headed out to the mouth of Little Nisqually and hooked about 4 lb. largemouth which put up a nice fight with my crappie gear. The water being so clear it was a sight to see him woof it up and set the hook to watch him fight and dive down to rush back up and jump up out the water. My buddy didn't have much luck he was too busy snaaggin and getting birdnests but he sure enjoyed seeing those big fish underwater. They were just about everywhere use clear line when water looks fine. Fish On! .....<:{{{{{{<  
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