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salmon saltwater fishing education, washington, british columbia, puget sound, pacific northwest salmon and halibut fishing    
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Pierce County Reports
Pierce County's DB Statistics: 4034 Reports in 75 Locations

06/08/2014 - Sarah - Tanwax Lake, Pierce County, WA
Caught 1 trout at 2;30pm using long worm. Size 16" 
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06/01/2014 - Chap - Carter Lake, Pierce County, WA
My buddy caught 7 trout, using pink and neon green floating power eggs. 
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06/01/2014 - Chap - Tanwax Lake, Pierce County, WA
Caught 7 Trout using worms and pink floating power eggs on the right of the dock. Fished from about 1:15-3:15pm. 
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05/29/14 - fishgone - Silver Lake, Pierce County, WA
Hey fishermen/ladys...  
Great day today..my mom has been wanting to catch crappie for a long time..well that's what we went and did. I like silver lake alot due to there wide range of species of fish to "catch".. and not just the fish..you can catch a new friend as well..The people are friendly. .and its just a nice place to get away for the day and do some catching..be back there this weekend for sure..  
Take care...  
fishluck y'all..  
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05/29/2014 - fisherman - puyallup River, Pierce County, WA
when is the puyallup river opening for 2014 season 
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05/27/2014 - Steelyden1 - Tapps Lake, Pierce County, WA
Hit my usual dock lines this morning while it was calm out. Dropshot kvd's in green pumpkin close to docks. got 6 smallies with 3 going 3 lbs. I have almost perfected the "slingshot" cast, practicing every time out. It helps to get your offerings in tight places and this method has proven success.  
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gf avatar
05/25/2014 - Wolfman - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
Another good day powerbait eggs 3ft off the bottom but this time I got the big one I lost a few days ago. Thank you Tessa 
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05/19/2014 - Wolfman - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
Started fishing about 5:00pm using pink floating magnum about 3ft off of the bottom. 8Lb main 4Lb leader. Nailed 3 nice rainbows all over 12" and lost a monster due to irresponsible drag setting of my own fault. Thanks Tessa for letting me use your dock!  
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5/18/14 - Kyle - Bradley Pond, Pierce County, WA
Got to lake at 6:30. Wasn't even there 4 an hour and already limited out. Last one was 23 inches. Used only gold cast master 1/4 oz. Many big ones still in there. 
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gf avatar
05/14/2014 - patricio - Bradley Pond, Pierce County, WA
Caught on a jighead tipped w/powerbait. This carp was over 10 lbs. Hope the kids dont get pulled in at the derby. 
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05/11/2014 - James - Bradley Pond, Pierce County, WA
Back to the lake for Mom's day, we had trouble even getting to the water for dog mess everywhere, seems folks don't think the scoop rules pertain to them.  
Tried every trick I could think of, flies, worms, powerbait, gulp eggs, lake is already weeding up, and getting hard to fish. State says they dropped 1000 in on the 2nd, they sure weren't anywhere we could find. Saw noone else catching anything either.  
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04/29/14 - James - Bradley Pond, Pierce County, WA
Was out for about two hours, lots of people at the park, few fishing.  
We got 7 RB about 90 mins. time, using Powerbait eggs, no real color preference to the fish, chartreuse, pink, orange all worked. Fish ranged from 9 - 14 inches. Remember this water closes to adults on the 15th and stays juvenile only until June 12th with a derby for the kids on May 17th.  
Take a kid fishing, keep those lines tight. 
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05/01/2014 - meeeggg - Ohop Lake, Pierce County, WA
Trolled from 3 to 6 caught my limit in hour. Wedding rings working good 
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04/27/2014 - meeeggg - Ohop Lake, Pierce County, WA
Trolled from 6am to 11am landed 3 warm weather this week should make it better. 
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04/19/2014 - Mike in Tac - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
Went out with 3 friends for a few hours today - 5 fish caught in about 4 hours. 2 rainbows and 3 kokanee. Both trolling and casting bait worked. Weather turned really sour by 11am. The stockers are definitely in! Lots of folks out there with fish today. 
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04/15/2014 - Denman - Tapps Lake, Pierce County, WA
Got the boat in the water around 2:00 pm. Motored to my go to hole and within 10 minutes hooked the first Muskie of the year. He wasn't big, around 24". Must have been from the '09 plant. He took a perch rapala. Saw another one cruising the shallows. A lot bigger than the first, but couldn't get him to bite.  
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gf avatar
4/5/2014 - Jerry - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
Trolled the first hour between 15 to 30 feet with no bites and then I came over a school of fish at 32 feet on the fish finder. Went over and did figuire 8's and caught my limit of koks in a short time 
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03/31/2014 - meeeggg - Pt. Defiance, Pierce County, WA
Rented boat at the boat house no luck bottom fishing was fishing by another boat who hooked two black salmon but were undersize and had to release them.  
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03/20/2014 - Alex - Kapowsin Lake, Pierce County, WA
Hit Kapowsin for a few hours in the afternoon. Got several hits but only managed to land one. Fish are there but they're really picky and will play with your bait for 5 minutes. Green power bait off the bottom with garlic scent.  
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03/20/2014 - meeeggg - Kapowsin Lake, Pierce County, WA
Fished off the bank no luck saw others land some trout. All the rock bass are starting to get active saw alot of them jump boat best bet 
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03/20/2014 - Captain Nerdy - Pt. Defiance, Pierce County, WA
fishing at point defiance is tough!  
using double three prong flat fish 
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03/18/2014 - meeeggg - Kapowsin Lake, Pierce County, WA
Trolled with my brothers we all limited out 25500 fish got out in on sunday but there really small 
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user avatar
03/17/2014 - wannafish - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
American Lake 3-17-14  
The weather said no rain and up to 11mph wind. I thought I would try it. This is the first time this year that I have taken out little Ol’ Girl. I came with a rod and reel with leaded line to try and then my usual 2 rods that I could use for long line or downriggers.  
Launched and parked just before 10am. Good. Boat didn’t sink so I remembered to put the plug in. But I couldn’t get the electric motor started at first. I had to wiggle some wires and I was off toward Russells landing but the wind was blowing pretty good so I let it take me toward the north and Silcox. I put in the leaded line 2 and 3 colors out another rod at 30-40 foot on the downrigger. I saw Trent’s Clifford out between the island and the hospital. He hadn’t caught any yet.  
I kept changing the depth on the downrigger. Up then down again. It helped smooth out the clutch. I brought in the leaded line and put out one for long lining. I was on the northeast side of the island trying to put gear away and downrigger was at 19 foot because I was in the area that kinda has a hill and goes up to 36 feet from 60. I looked over and the rod was dancing. I got in a nice football of a koke on a Dick Nite 50/50 dodger and a Wannafish A Lure Green Agitator. This was about 11am.  
The wind was getting pretty steady and it was really hard to keep it straight! I tried to stack on the downrigger but I could not get it out, the boat was almost turning around if I didn’t keep my had on the tiller. So I gave up the 2nd rod and got one more bite.  
It was just too windy. I was going to have to go in. Said bye to WidgeonmanGH texted Trent I was going and headed toward the launch.  
I was trying to troll but was not doing well so I brought it in and tried to make it in the wind.  
At the southwest end of the island I texted Trent to see if he would tow me to the launch. Then he took a bit of time and I tried to get Mike@ Bills but he didn’t answer and my phone battery was 5%. Then Trent couldn’t see me. I had to wave like a mad woman as I was being blown down towards Bills. Trent came and saved me redeeming him from the Merwin incident.  
It was funny cause he was barbequing on the back of the boat and he got up to turn the brats and Clifford would turn towards me.  
I made it in safe and the neighbor had fish dinner. I tested my battery and it was just down 50% so I think 20 mph winds are too much for a 46 pound thrust electric motor.  
PS I took the temp in 60 foot of water at 19 feet and it was 46 degrees. 
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02/26/2014 - mark - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
what a nice day came home from work grab the boat and went to the lake. Trolled around and enjoyed the sun and watching the fish on the fish finder but didn't catch anything.  
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user avatar
02/21/2014 - jordanr - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
We fished from 8 till 2. Threw absolutely everything we had at them. We marked fish but we just couldn't get them to hit anything. We staggered the riggers and had one line on top all day. Just couldn't find the magic.  
Heard that another boat caught 1 Koke and 1 trout. It's early still. 
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user avatar
02/22/2014 - wannafish - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
Kokanee_Slayer and I started fishing about 7am. I lowered a thermometer to 25 feet on the downrigger, it was 40 degrees.  
He had been catching kokanee between 17 and 27 feet so we started at 17feet. He was using his go to gear and I started with a Pink Splatter on the downrigger at 27 feet and then stacked a small spoon for a dodger with a Wannafish A Lure Bloody Mary on it at 17 foot. I get a cell phone call from Cami of F24 and as I hung up about 7:30am I get a fish on my top line. K_S nets mine and then he gets one on. We get it in and then I try to bring in the downrigger ball (it has been a while since I have been fishing) I forgot to take the stacker clip off and it grinds up the cable and knocks off the bead and I see that part of the cable has frayed. K_S says it will be ok so we reload everything again but I put the stacker clip away and just long lined my second rod. I changed up a few times and caught a trout on the long lined rod with a Dick Nite orange / copper dodger with a Zray spoon. I let it go. We trolled around and it was 10:30 when K_S line is pulled out of the clip and he gets another kokanee in the boat. He was fishing at 30 feet so I lowered my down to 27 ( I was at 21 feet) while he is getting his in the boat my rod goes down and I have another in the boat caught with a Dick Nite Watermelon dodger and a Orange Thing.  
That was all the kokanee we caught. It was a great first outing of the year. Early kokanee!  
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02/19/2014 - Percy - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
trolled in about 25' near Bill's Boat house and picked up 3 nice Kokes around 11"- 14" fishfinder marked large schools around 40-60' I was using a green wedding ring tipped with maggots.  
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02/02/2014 - JRay - American Lake, Pierce County, WA
Figured I would drag the kayak out of the garage and hit the lake today before the superbowl...saw plenty of fish rolling on the surface, but almost all the fish I marked were below 30 feet. Depths I fished ranged from 30-60 feet. No luck on the green/red nightcrawler tipped wedding ring so I switched over to a crappie jig tipped with nightcrawler and a crappie nugget, trying to catch a few perch...and what do ya know, two 13 inch rainbows joined me just in time to get home and watch the Hawks! 
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07/17/2013 - Jack - Bradley Pond, Pierce County, WA
I wet to Bradley pond at 5.30 am I got there at 6.00 am and I was a but 1 foot out on sweat corn in the mideal down and I cute a coya carep 
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01/08/2014 - PatrickC - Nisqually River, Pierce County, WA
Hit the nasty this morning and at lunch and all that was there was a BUNCH of seals/ sea lions, three other fisherman and no fish, hit mounts on military side and the handicap hole. Guess it's time to fish for metal heads. Tight lines. 
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