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Dry Falls Lake Reports

(99 acres): Located at the base of Dry Falls, about three miles west of Coulee City. This lake should provide good-to-excellent fishing for 14-inch yearling rainbow trout and carry-overs to 20+ inches. Brown trout make up 5 to 10 percent of the catch. Tiger trout have also been stocked, and survival of these exotic hybrids is being evaluated. A one-fish limit and selective gear rules are in effect. The lake is accessible with car-topped boats through Sun Lakes State Park, but there is no actual launch. A toilet is available. Although open season is currently listed in the 2002-03 pamphlet as from the last Saturday in April to November 30, a special rule change opened this lake to fishing April 1, 2003, with the same closing date. The new season will be reflected in the 2003-04 pamphlet.

9/17/1999 - Don Camp - Dry Falls Lake, Grant County, WA
Fished Dry Falls Lake on Friday, 9/17/99, and enjoyed several hours of excellent fishing. Caught several fish in the 18-20 inch range on light colored caddis and duns imitating the light colored mayfly spinners we saw on the water. In the later evening there was a general rise with fish all around us, probably taking an emerger which we were not able to imitate with any of the flies in our boxes. However, the rise was spectacular in itself, and capped a thoroughly enjoyable evening of fishing.  
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