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Lewis River Reports

12/27/2010 - Salmonator - Lewis River, cowlitz County, wa
Fished below the hatchery with no luck. One territory grumpy older man growling at our group made it a rather unplesant memory. No fish caught by those on shore with drift fishing, jigs and bait under the bobber. One boater landed one very small, what I would guess was a trout, not a steelhead.  
Had similar results for the Kalama on 12-24-10. Very few fish sighted, fewer fishermen on the river. 
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10/3/2010 - hookinup - Lewis River, Cowlitz County, WA
If u want something for the smoker there's lots of dark silvers down there. Saturday went 3 for 10 took 2 about 15lbs a piece one hen one buck...Sunday went 0 for 7 and 2 were nice steelies yes there is still some summer run comin in down there I seen maybe about 30 steelies swimmin around right in front of me...size 14 orange corkie 1/0 hook and a 6 to 8ft leader...goodluck tight lines...tights lines peace out

Edited by Easy Limits on 10/3/2010. 

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9/7/2009 - Fish Killin Type Of Guy - Lewis River, Cowlitz County, WA
North Fork Lewis River...... The Silvers are in all over the river thick at the hatchery saw at least 40 fish landed from the banks boats were outta control with as many as 27 boats lined up side by side at the waterfall across from the boat ramp lotsa fish this might be a great place to fish with 290 of your closest friends.....

Edited by Easy Limits on 9/8/2009. 

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8/17/2009 - Phillip Morris - Lewis River, Cowlitz County, WA
There have been a few steel head caught up by cedar creek, and few on the lower half of the rive. But the fish seem to be trickling in. 
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11/9/2007 - Squidward - Lewis River, Cowlitz County, WA
Spongebob, IBCNUL8R and I hit the North Fork up by the hatchery on both Friday evening and Saturday. That river is so full of fish it's absolutely STUPID! On Friday evening just at dusk the river went into a full on boil with fish!! I swear it looked like some was sending 200,000 volts of electricity into the water! I have never see that many fish jumping in one place in my entire 44 years of existance! It looked like feeding time at at trout hatchery! They call the area we were fishing the MEAT HOLE. And looking at how well the guys in boats were doing I could clearly see why. We however could not touch a fish WTF?? The hole there is deep and there were at least 10 to 15 boats sitting in the area all day many of them guide boats just trying to put their clients on fish I suspect. The folks in boats were dropping what appeared to 3 to 5 ounce balls with eggs (for the most part) we did see a few K15 type Kwik fish produce but the eggs looked to be the real ticket for them. They would just drop their gear to the bottom and real up a couple cranks and BAM fish on! It was quite a site to see. We however were bank bound and the problem with trying to fish it from the bank is the hole is deep, real deep so fishing the "Zone" was impossible with a float, you could not get your offering low enough in the river with a float and there were way too many boats out there to do it anyway. We tried several setups to try to egg our eggs up off the bottom but were never able to! We tried for about 3 hours with not even a single bump! We proceded to throw everything we had at them and still nothing! VERY FRUSTRATING!! If you are going to attempt it take a boat ANY BOAT! We saw a everything from a 8ft. Livingston to a 17 ft. Bayliner Capri in there and they all got fish. I would not recommend taking a Bayliner Capri in there but some fellow did!! All had electric or small gas motors. that's all you needed because the river if slow and eddies in that area. We saw some folks having success on the hatchery side but I could not tell you how or what they were using. 
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