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Columbia County
Big Four
Burnt Fork Creek
Butte Creek
Crooked Creek
Cummings Creek
Curl Lake
Dam Pond
Dayton Juvenile Pond
Griffin Fork
Jim Creek
Lewis Creek
Orchard Pond
Patit Creek
Rainbow Creek
Robinson Creek
Snake River
Touchet River
Tucannon Lakes
Tucannon River
Whitney Creek

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Beaver Reports

Beaver, Big Four, Blue, Deer, Rainbow, Spring, and Watson lakes: Along Tucannon Road, off the Tucannon River. These small, bank-fishing-only lakes off the Tucannon River all havepublic access, and are well-stocked with 10- to 12-inch rainbow trout, plus some "jumbo" 1-1/2 to two-pound trout in some of them. Fishing from any floating device is prohibited on all of these lakes. Big Four is fly-fishing only, with a two-fish daily limit. March 1 through October 31 open season. Disabled accessibility at Rainbow Lake upgraded to Level 1 in 2002. Rainbow also has an asphalt disabled access point along the lake. Disabled accessibility at Blue, Spring and Watson - Level 2. WCT, dirt paths.

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