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Chelan Lake Reports

(33,000 acres): Stretching over 50 miles from the town of Chelan to Stehekin, this is the largest natural lake in Washington. Good fishing for nice-sized kokanee is usually available from mid-April through June. In June and July, catchable-size rainbow trout are planted in the lower lake near Chelan/Manson. Some fine wild trout fishing, mostly for rainbows, occurs throughout the upper lake basin above Twenty-five Mile Creek beginning in early spring. Anglers after trophy fish have a chance to catch lake trout (mackinaw) year-round. The state lake trout record has been broken three times here in the last few years. Check the latest regulations pamphlet for new rules effective in 2002 and 2003, including the removal of all size and daily limits on lake trout during open seasons. Also check for new regulations on tributaries. Landlocked chinook salmon abundance is currently diminished compared to earlier years, consequently angling for salmon is slow and is only allowed during May. WDFW is presently working to increase the number of salmon in the lake. Burbot (freshwater ling) offer excellent fishing opportunities from February through April, with set-line and jig fishing popular in the Manson/Wapato Point area. A limited smallmouth bass fishery exists in the lower lake. Although most of the lake is open year-round, the upper end is closed during April, May and June and tributary stream-mouths are closed year-round to protect pre-spawning adult trout; check the current regulations pamphlet carefully for details concerning size and catch limits, and wild cutthroat release requirements.

2/3/2010 - Anton Jones - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
Had a couple of great days on Lake Chelan. We are pounding the benches from just above the Yacht Club to the 400' contour. Try to stay within 5 or 10 feet of the bottom. Fishing Rushin' Salmon Wobblers by Critter Gitter in the new Purple Glow pattern has been best. Most fish are 2 or 3 to 6 or 7 pounds. He have caught a couple of nice double digit fish both days. On Tuesday they were 13.5 and 14 pounds. On Wednesday there were a pair of 12 pounders.  
You can contact me for more information at 509-961-5342. 
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4/9/2003 - Mike Ocksbig - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
I went out fishing on monday with a couple buddies and some beer. We were fishing for Chinooks, Kokanee, and Trout in hopes of getting some big ones. Boy were we in for a surprise! In the first 30 minutes of down-rigging in the 200 foot range we got our limits. A majority of the fish that we caught were Trout, one weighing a whopping 37.7 pounds. Most of the other trouts weighed around 20 pounds. What a day! Good luck to you all and keep them lines tight! 
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8/18/2001 - John Emerick - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
Last week on Lake Chelan my friend Lyle and I went out fishing with Mountian Dew Guide Service...and Lyle Landed a new state record Trout. A Makinaw at 33.6 pounds..and caught one that was over 20lbs... 
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10/20/2000 - Anton Jones - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
We fished last weekend at Chelan. Surface plugs pulled 150'back produced rainbows to 17". Silver Horde plugs, big Kwikfish and Herring in an Anchovy Special produced serveral small lakers to 5 pounds and a 6.75 pound Chinook. 
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9/7/2000 - Anton Jones - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
Fished Labor Day weekend. Caught 6 lakers between 4 and 13 pounds. Caught some on big K-16 kwikfish and some on 4" splatter back/double-glow Silver Horde plugs. E-mail me for additional details 
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8/17/2000 - Anton Jones - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
July was excellent for lakers and chinook up by the Yacht Club. I primarily fished small herring in an anchovy special behind a mini-hotspot flasher. Here in august, I have had much more success on lakers fishing K-15 & K-16 Kwikfish in the glow with black spot pattern. As usual, we have caught most fish 10 feet off the bottom. Most recently, I had a 5 hour trip where I caught 3 of the 4 lakers (4.5lb to 10lb) with the lure that I set at 100' feet down. The fish were caught over bottoms that ranged from 205' to 120'. Feel free to contact me at AntonJ@aol.com for more info. 
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4/22/2000 - Margaret & Mike Bryant - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
Mike and I went out fishing on Lake Chelan today and didn't get started fishing until 9:45 a.m. We caught a 16 lb. lake trout that measured 35" about 10:30 a.m. We got blown off the lake about 11:00 a.m. The fish was caught in the Yacht Club area on a 4" 'Silver Horde" plug in 250 feet of water - fish was caught around 215 feet. I had no flasher on the plug but I thought I was dragging a log off the bottom! We had planned on doing some fishing for Kokanee later on but decided to quit and head home. 
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4/3/2000 - Margret Bryant - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
Went fishing on Lake Chelan with my husband Mike on 4-1-00. We just bought a new boat in March and it was our 3rd time out - the 2nd time out on Lk. Chelan. I caught 2 lake trout - one was 21" and the other about 25". They were both caught on a mini squid rig behind a mini hotspot flasher. I went out last fall fishing with Rick Graybill and have been 'hooked' ever since. The first fish was caught off Rocky Point at about 140' about 8:30 a.m. and the other was caught across from the Yacht Club at 250' about 11:00 a.m. These are the best eating - very dark orange flesh and taste almost like a salmon. I would recommend going out with Rick Graybill if you have never fished Lake Chelan. We also bought his guide book on fishing Lake Chelan and have learned a lot from it. 
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1/16/2000 - Anton Jones - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
Fished by myself Saturday afternoon for about 1.5 hours. Caught 2 lakers on Mac Island. One was small (21"), the other was average (26"). On Sunday I took a couple out. We each caught 2 lakers in about 4 hours of fishing divided by a short-lived blizzard that ran us off the lake. We caught 2 huge ones. One was 35" and the other was 37". It was weighed much later in the evening at 28 pounds. All these fish were caught on or jut off the shoulder of "Mac Island" just downlake from Wapato Point. I exclusively fished 4" splatter back / double glow Silver Horde plugs at 2.6 to 2.8 knots on my speed indicator. As Mr. Graybill tells you, we kept the plugs about 10 feet off the bottom. It was the best day that I have ever had on the lake. Two "fish of a lifetime" size lakers in the same hour! 
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1/8/2000 - Rick - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
The winter Chinook fishing has been some of the best we have seen in 4 or 5 years. The fish are small, running 3 to 6 pounds, but great fun to catch if you gear down and use light tackle. A mini-squid rigged behind a mini Hotspot flasher is still catching most of the fish. You will catch both Chinook and Lake Trout using the same baits and lures. Recently the catch rate has been running 60 to 75 percent Chinook. The lower end of the lake, between Lake Chelan Shores and Kelly’s Resort, is where most of the action is. Prime time is right in the middle of the day and the best depth is within ten feet of the bottom. If you want to release Chinook, make sure you don’t net or touch them. If you touch them in any way they are dead. The larger Lake Trout, fish over ten pounds, can be easily released. However, the smaller Lake Trout, particularly those with bloated air bladders, usually won’t survive the experience. These smaller fish are great eating and should be kept since they are going to die anyway. “Fizzing” is just an excuse to keep killing fish and should be illegal, particularly here on Lake Chelan. 
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5/18/1999 - Mike Turner - Chelan Lake, Chelan County, WA
Went and fished Lk Chelan for the salmon derby last week. We only saw one caught ourselves, but heard of eleven. We got one koke, one mack, one burbot. Also a state record Mack may have been caught, which went 31+ pounds. 
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