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Get Involved - Make a Difference


Get Involved - Make a Difference

Postby ridgetoriveroutdoors » Sun Feb 06, 2011 11:11 pm

As many of you may have done, I just read an article a few days ago on KomoNews.com titled "Oregon cuts sturgeon fishing over sea lions." Also, I just read the action alert by Fishnut here on Gamefishin. All I can do is shake my head. It is completely disgusting. As sport anglers we have to be more involved.

I once heard a lobbyist for the NSIA (Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association) speak. Essentially he outlined the politics of it all. Most importantly he explained that the only way we can effectively fight for our fishing rights is to be involved. If being involved simply means we pay for a membership with CCA or NSIA, then we need to do it! The CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) and the NSIA (Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association) are both organizations that need our support. Personally, I believe every angler should be a member of both. Membership cost are very low! CCA has chapter throughout both OR and WA. If you want to be even more involved than just a paying member, you can go to the monthly meetings.

We are not simply fighting for our fishing opportunities and conservation here and now. We have to look at what our children and grandchildren will have. I am very proud of my kids and who they are. I believe a part of my children being the way they are is because of the positive activities in life I have encouraged, such as fishing and the outdoors. Will their children have the same opportunities? What about your children and grandchildren?

Also, if you are not a member of a local fishing club, you should really consider checking out your local club. These clubs will keep you informed and it is a great way to meet with people who share your interest.

Thanks for reading.

Doug Saint-Denis
Ridge to River Outdoors, LLC
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